“Young Americans Are Killing Marriage: Millennials are lagging behind on the traditional markers of adulthood”

Young Americans Are Killing Marriage: Millennials are lagging behind on the traditional markers of adulthood” has interesting data:

In 1980, two-thirds of 25- to 34-year-olds were already married. One in eight had already been married and divorced. In 2015, just two in five millennials were married, and only 7 percent had been divorced.

Baby boomers’ eagerness to get married meant they were far more likely than today’s young people to live on their own. Anderson looked at the share of each generation living independently, either as heads of their own household or in married couples.

The author says that “There’s no shortage of theories as to how and why today’s young people differ from their parents,” but I think the low marriage rate has a simpler explanation: a lot of guys have wised up to how fucking crazily dangerous it is to get married.

I’ve written about its dangers before on this account or in the original denver_luv account, so you can read more there. Or you can read Real World Divorce, which explains just how costly and disgusting real-world divorce is. Smart guys look around at what happens to the other men around them and don’t get married.

The marriage market is composed of two large groups: The first group is guys who do well with women and don’t have any problems getting laid or finding girlfriends. For them, there’s no reason to get married even though lots of women want to marry them.

The second group is a larger pool of guys who would get married, but most women don’t like them much and won’t marry them, or will marry and then divorce them. Many of you probably were those guys at one point in time (I wasn’t quite that bad, though I’ve made my share of errors).

Not every guy fits perfectly into one category or the other.

Guys with solid game and some grasp of the cultural and legal climate won’t bother marrying. Guys without it will want to but women often find them repulsive. Then women lament about how they can’t find “eligible” men who want to marry. No shit. I wonder why.

One of the top-rated comments on the original for this post says, “You can have a LTR and start a family. But dear jesus never get . . . married. You have been warned.”

Good advice.

Marriage is one of the best and fastest ways to destroy your wealth and life. It is a horrible debt trap that many men stupidly sleepwalk into.


Author: The Red Quest

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