Escorts can improve the rest of your game

Many challenged the idea that escorts, hired effectively, can improve your interactions with other women:

The occasional escort improves my game because it shows me what women will do and because it means I have zero scarcity whatsoever. If I want sex I pay for it and have it within 24 hours. Women can tell when a man is getting sex and when he isn’t. Hiring escorts can, odd as this may appear, improve your game, if they are hired correctly.

Women can sense a desperate guy and a guy who other women won’t sleep with. I don’t know how and I don’t understand the precise mechanism, but they can. They can also sense confidence, and learning to be confident and to project a sexually successful image is vital. Paying for it, done correctly, can aid that.

The more you use a skill or interact in certain ways with certain expectations, the more you improve that skill or reinforce that interaction. The more you interact with women and expect sex to be the conclusion of those interactions, the better off you are (provided that you can gracefully accept rejection).

Paying for it is obviously different than getting it through unpaid, normal channels. But if you’re a normal person you’re still talking to someone before, during, and after. You’re still paying attention to what someone likes instead. Building those experiences is almost always good. Always be trying to learn and always be learning. While hiring an escort is about pleasure, it should also be about learning, like everything you do.

I don’t advocate sleeping exclusively with escorts or becoming addicted to paid sex. Addiction of any kind is a weakness.

It is true that paid sex in the United States is never as quick and easy as guys would like. It takes time to build a rep, go through the vetting process, learn the ropes, learn to sense bullshit, and develop relationships with escorts and madams. There is no such thing as a free lunch, even in paid sex.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on “Escorts can improve the rest of your game”

  1. How do you get around the genuine desire thing aside from being in shape.
    It can be hit or miss if the chemistry is off and the girl doesn’t like your look/vibe.
    Prostitution can guarantee the the most attractive women spread their legs or suck you dick but the mutual desire aspect greases the wheels of any sexual behaviour and isn’t at all guaranteed (although I believe it happens)

    (Prostitution is legal where I’m from.)


    1. Most guys aren’t in shape, so start there.

      Improve your mind and body.

      Have a cool life, one that she wants to be part of, aside from the sex.

      Improve your work and your financial position.

      Some chicks don’t like you for whatever reason. So go find ones who do.


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