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fire3473” said this line is important to him:

Once you realize that women are valorized by the culture for both marrying and for divorcing, any residual desire you may feel about marrying should dissipate.

Marrying in the modern world is insane. More on that will be forthcoming when I have time.

Krauser left this comment on the Elon Musk post. I’ve never been to Whiskey Mist or “Movida, China White, Funky Buddha etc which act as magnets for lifestyle whore women,” but from the description I know what they’re like and there are similar places where I live. Rather than go to them I’d rather hire an honest escort. Or go to a bar or a dance or almost anywhere else. The best women for me don’t come from there. If the role of hard cash is that prominent I’d rather pay it out.

Why don’t you respond to me? To critics?

Arguing with people on the Internet is a waste of time and doesn’t matter. The Red Pill is here for you to build a better life. If you don’t like what I write and don’t intelligently disagree then I don’t care.

Usually people are saying, “Why don’t you respond *to me*?”, and the answer there is, again. . . I don’t care. The purpose of my writing is to share the meager learning I’ve done about how to build a better life. And yes, for most guys getting laid is a major component of that learning.

There are also certain things I love, like paid sex and amateur sex tapes, that you won’t love. There are certain things you might love that I don’t, like getting peed on or monogamy. The world is diverse and I’m trying to make it better in my own tiny domain here.

Most of the time I don’t answer people on Reddit because, again, I don’t care that much and most of the replies are poorly thought out or demonstrate poor reading skills or both. People would be better served to spend less time on the Internet and more time reading books.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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