[FR] Slept with a girl I first met eight years ago

About eight years ago I met a young-but-legal girl at a dance class. She went to school out of state. Over the course of the class I ramped up the flirting with her and her friends, and I while I never outright slept with her (not for lack of trying) we did some other things and she eventually went home. Not an interesting story, but last weekend she came to town for work. She’d broken up with her long-term boyfriend of like six or seven years and I invited her to stay with me. She’s nerdier than most girls, which I like because it’s possible to have a real conversation with her.

She came over, I took her out to drink at two favorite bars (if you bring a lot of girls to the same bar or couple bars over and over again interesting things will happen to you…) and then back to my place for sex. No LMR and extremely high levels of connection. In some sense there wasn’t a lot of “game.” She was horny and available and stayed with me for sex. Next time she’s in town I’m going to try bringing her to a sex club or party with me, although she’s apprehensive about that and I’m not sure it’s going to happen. She also told me this time something that I figured: when I first started seeing her she hadn’t had sex before and found me scary, intimidating, and attractive at the same time. In retrospect I think I was acting too aloof around her and didn’t offer enough comfort, or she was just too inexperienced to get where we both wanted to go.

I’ve hung out with her once a year or so and even met her now-ex boyfriend. I’m sure many of you would think this behavior is “beta” or “friendzoned,” but I like her in general and the sexual tension was consistently high. I think that if she’d stayed longer when I first met her I would’ve been her first. At the time I was also pretty deep with someone else, and she knew about the other woman, so that may have dissuaded her. So it goes.

It’s of course true that you shouldn’t be “friends” with a woman who is in your orbit and who you want to fuck and who you stay “friends” with because you’re slavering to fuck her. But if you have good pipeline and are fucking other girls anyway and don’t have oneitis, you should play the long game, and as your game develops it becomes possible to have girls orbit you rather than you orbiting them. The difference is important and as you gain experience you’ll recognize the difference. As I get older more women from the past swing around for a fuck or another fuck. Sometimes age has made me say no but sometimes it’s still very good and low-effort lay.

It is possible to play the long game. More often women I don’t sleep with immediately go away, or I stop replying to their messages. But sometimes old leads come back and the pleasure of this one is intense. In the last decade her body and mind have developed enormously and she’s much better looking and fuller looking now than she was then. The sex was excellent and in that time she’s had one primary boyfriend and, in the last couple months, a FWB. I’m not used to teaching girls her age about fucking, but this one hasn’t had a wide enough range of partners to have really tested all the ways she likes fucking… for example, she responded incredibly well to a buttplug. Having a lot of toys around is as useful as having any other tool around like those special screwdrivers Apple requires to open their laptops.

There are many stories around about guys doing same-day lays or first date lays. Those are great and I’ve done them. But, contrary to what you may read online, there are still many girls who won’t sleep with a guy till she knows him pretty well. Problem is that you can’t tell who those are or those will be in advance.

Sometimes very demure-seeming girls turn out to be ragingly sexual and sometimes forward-seeming girls turn out to be attention whores who don’t have much sex. When I read guys who talk online about their endless SDLs I get skeptical. Some of the things I read and you read seem really unlikely to me, which may be the subject of a future discussions.

When I first met this girl, I’d known her about eight weeks before I even got her properly undressed. Usually I wouldn’t wait that long and most of the time women who won’t accelerate quickly are tooling you. But that isn’t always true. The sexual tension was always there between us, and that enabled last weekend. If you can maintain decent sexual tension over time good things may happen.

There are probably 100 women with whom I have some kind of distant and potentially sexual connection. Guys are overall better off seeking new women than returning to ones we’ve already tried for, but if you cultivate your pool you’ll eventually find a lot of easy lays that drop on top of you. Plus this girl is cool in general.

Consider this a companion to “Snapchat in Game.” If you have good masculine fundamentals and basic game, you can leverage that basic game into a lot of good solid lays later on. You can’t fake masculine fundamentals and if you have them, many other things become much easier / simpler. Many issues that are about “game” or girls “playing games” or about a guy being disrespected are actually issues of the guy not have good masculine fundamentals. Androgynous-seeming guys often get walked over or sexually ignored. Masculine guys rarely have those problems.

I’m also less driven by sex than I used to be, so going longer without doesn’t bother me like it did when I was younger. I wonder if at some point I’m going to take a break, maybe a long break, from the chase.

Author: The Red Quest

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