“I fired a girl | red flags, female encroachment”

I fired a girl | red flags, female encroachment” is good. This is how pretty much all my relationships have ended since I broke up with the woman who I lived with and who I had two kids with:

Usually the girl would try to raise the stakes — to encroach on my territory, you might say. A mix of being less agreeable, less sexual, and more demanding. That is a fucking retarded plan for a girl to roll-out, but I’ve seen it over and over.

I see it over and over again, in my own relationships and my friends’s relationships. After living with a woman and painfully breaking up with her in my 20s (a story I might tell here) I vowed that I was never going to live with a woman again. So pretty much every relationship I’ve had dies when the woman wants to move in with me, or find a timeline for moving in.

Only two of them were really hard to let go. One was a younger girl I met in a coffeeshop and who I dated for almost two years, starting when she was 19. Not only had I vowed never to move in with a woman again, but she was way too young for that to work. Only experience can or will teach her that. Last I heard she’s in a relationship with a guy who is modestly older than her, instead of way too old for her.

The other was with a woman who wasn’t exactly a nymphomaniac, but she’d either been told or figured out that keeping a man’s balls empty is a good way of keeping a man. While she loved sex, I’m not sure she loved it more than the average girl. She also loved giving head and that did set her apart from the average girl. She would give it at every opportunity. Morning. Nights. Afternoons. I could barely keep up with her demands in that department. They never dropped off. When she was on her period, she wanted to make sure I was okay. I’ve never seen one like her before. We only broke it off because I wouldn’t marry or cohabitate. It took me a long time to get out of that script. Now that I’m out I’m likely never going back. If not never, then not for many years. I wonder what I’ll be like at age 60. By then maybe I will have mellowed enough.

She married the guy after me. No surprise. I don’t talk to her anymore but I bet he’s as happy as he can be in a marriage. When I hear women complain about guys I think about her. She didn’t complain. She wasn’t an expert cook but she would cook. And that sex. Those lips. The willingness. Her thrills. I doubt she’s been cheated on. Who would have the time or energy? If my ex (who I had the kids with) had been like her, we’d probably still be together and you wouldn’t be reading this. She, the highly sexed girl, wasn’t perfect (no one is, including me), but she had incredible fundamentals.


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6 thoughts on ““I fired a girl | red flags, female encroachment””

  1. >>So pretty much every relationship I’ve had dies when the woman wants to move in with me, or find a timeline for moving in.

    Yeah. That has been me… Except I let two of the last ones move in… very briefly. Which was all weak-mindedness on my part. I caved to the pressure… Some fucked up mix about doubt in being forever a bachelor and wanting to make those girls happy.

    However… I didn’t lose my mind. And as they continued to try to take territory… And were more/more demanding… I had no trouble pointing out that they weren’t happy and showing them the door.

    In both cases, those girls lasted maybe 2 months… Amazing how little moving in meant. It was more demands (both wanted a dog, asap… Not to mention marriage).

    And then the incredible sense of relief at being on my own again.


    1. Only two months… wow. Were they between apts or very young?

      Now I explain to women who want to move in why cohabitating is bad. They don’t believe sex will fall off and arguments will increase. One day I think they will understand. I have a thing about explaining RP dynamics to women, but only after we’ve been sleeping together for a while and only subtly. In that atmosphere some of the ideas take. Or more likely they want to be led intellectually as well as otherwise and are agreeable.

      It’s not good game for keeping them on rotation, but I like doing it anyway.


      1. >> Only two months… wow. Were they between apts or very young?

        Two months, because I kicked them out. First one, had been living with her parents, so she just moved right back in… she was 26. The second one never gave up her apartment, so she just went back to it… rent is off the scale in this city, so having a girl move in/out is extra complicated… too expensive. This is all in the last 5 years.

        That second one, we had “the talk,” and she was gone that night. Which was faster than I anticipated… she was Japanese, so we talked, she cried (in an incredibly solipsistic kind of way), packed up, kissed me and left. This was the day before Valentines day.

        Just talking about this… I really feel the relief of not having to be in either of those situations. I also really leveled up my success since that last one. I would have missed a ton of experience/education if I hadn’t gotten single again.

        >> I have a thing about explaining RP dynamics to women

        Hmmm. I once had a GF that I met at a cafe, and we talked about game (not necessarily redpill), and I would demo on her, and it would turn her on. But I haven’t tried talking to girls about redpill.

        I don’t think I’d like a redpill girl. Sounds too “harsh.” I want to be the “dick” in the relationship. I want her naive, lovely, graceful, and feminine.

        So… I don’t try to redpill girls, but I DO play heavily into “traditional gender roles.” Heavily. If not from the pickup itself, then certainly on the first date. I talk about how “masc/fem” is my favorite conversation. And about how I want to be a good man… and then I talk about traditional masculine traits. And then fem traits. And about how I think all girls want a strong, dominant, confident man… this is framing and verbal seduction.


      2. To be sure, I don’t use RP terms or jargon, but I convey some of the general principles. But only after we’ve been sleeping together for a while. Otherwise, it’s too polarizing in a bad way, in my experience.


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