“What We Can Learn from Women Who Cheat”

What We Can Learn from Women Who Cheat” is extremely Red Pill, although it’s written by and about women. I don’t have a lot to add because the article does the work, but the tl;dnr is “Don’t get married.” Which you ought to already know.

Personally I don’t think monogamy is realistic or desirable, but that seems to be a debated point among many men, who are in denial about female nature. Once you realize women don’t want monogamy, you should be more motivated to up your game. She thinks she wants monogamy, and maybe she’ll take it from young rich George Clooney… but from you? From a normal man, when she’s fed a social media diet of roided-up chads?

In my life, I noticed the couples around me with children were particularly preoccupied with the concept [of cheating], because their relationship was supposed to “work” for decades, but the notion of sleeping with the same person “until death do us part” was losing its appeal.

If you marry someone and you think you want monogamy, you may be setting yourself up for failure… according to women themselves. Sorry. Also, only the paranoid survive:

This was also confirmed by the sexologists and couples therapists with whom I spoke. Women cheat less impulsively; rather, they plan prudently and are more skilful in their cover up.


Nowadays, women have higher standards of sexual fulfilment and romantic relationships, which they’re able to express. Once they realize they aren’t getting what they need from one relationship, they’re more likely to look for it elsewhere.

In other words, expect more bullshit from long-term relationships.

I think women are masters in lying to themselves about themselves as well as their sexual desires.

I’d call that “obvious.” Look at what she does, not what she says. Which is equally applicable to men. If he says he wants hotter women but finds video games more compelling than dead lifting, he is full of shit.

In the book, you talk about how one third to half the women surveyed are aroused by rape fantasies. That’s a pretty shocking revelation.

If rough sex is not part of your repertoire, it needs to be. Make sure you feel out the situation, though. Build up to it. I don’t recommend it being extremely rough on most first encounters. What women say they want and what they want is different. Today, you’re in the top 20% of men, or you’re dead.

Overall, remember that some men are cheated on and some men are cheated with. Which are you? Which will you be?

Author: The Red Quest

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