3 thoughts on “Riv’s nine thoughts”

    1. baby E is in her hometown for the summer, but i banged her a few weeks ago, and then warsaw girl lives in warsaw, but wants to come visit me soon. so this keeps me from getting too needy. BACKUP PUSSY is huge.


    2. Yeah. It takes a LOT of experience to really understand which women are special and which are just hot and pleasing to bang. I should say, “experience or time.” Time will reveal the difference too (a mistake I made in my 20s).

      There have been a couple years in my life when I had enough women on rotation to pretty much not approach or date much. Problem is that always catches up eventually.

      Have you tried taking girls to sex clubs or swinger events? That can be next-level game, if you have the right disposition for it. I keep meaning to write more about that but the subject is so big I almost don’t know where to start it.


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