I sensed the “what are we?” conversation

I sensed the “what are we?” conversation with Bike Girl, but, before it could happen, I preempted it by asking if she wants to go to a sex party some friends are hosting. I know she’ll be very popular there, maybe too popular. She was hesitant and asked a million questions but we have a tentative agreement to go and not have sex with anyone else there. A good first effort, one that I wasn’t sure would be successful. A lot of girls will break over this issue. She may break.

The other day I was meeting her at a bar and had this intense conversation with a beautiful woman, and I fell into auto-game with her, despite the many blowouts recently. I mean intense: eye to eye, light touching, her facing me quickly, rapport. As my forebrain kicked in to demand that I try for a number and roll off, Bike Girl showed.

Still a nice reminder after the failures.

Bike Girl likes being my model, likes it when I tape sex (whatever, it’s a thing for me), likes lots of other stuff. But her apartment is a horror show. Not hoarder-level, but definitely “I could never live with you,” level. That I’m thinking about it is a weakness.

I like her.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “I sensed the “what are we?” conversation”

  1. >> Not hoarder-level, but definitely “I could never live with you,” level. That I’m thinking about it is a weakness.

    That last line… Great comment. Always interesting to see a man you respect “think out loud” on a topic like this.

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    1. Yeah, it’s tough because I am thinking about the future… in five years or ten years, do I still want to be doing cold reads on girls and saying that they seem like they wear trendy gym clothes but don’t actually work out? I mean, maybe, but I’m caught between getting tired of the game while also knowing the many perils of attempting to make an LTR work in modern America. Maybe the modern world.

      It’s funny that I started writing on TRP and now here towards the end of the game journey rather than the start. At least I think it’s the end. I don’t know, maybe I’ll be at it in ten years. I’m stuck in the uncanny valley between getting tired of game while knowing the perils of LTR.

      Or maybe I just have too much money and time now, since I can think about this shit instead of really burying myself in the financial and sex struggle, every day. Now they don’t feel like the struggle they once did and I’m like, “What’s next?”


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