“The Takedown of Title IX:” The horror show on college campuses

The Takedown of Title IX” is overdue. College campuses have become frenzied hothouses of false rape allegations, and on campus Title IX has become a tool of iniquity. It should be repealed altogether.

Something funny happened on the way to the courtroom, though: men started to realize that they could sue schools for Title IX violations. Now that schools actively discriminate against men and persecute men, Title IX can become a weapon that men use.

It sucks to write a paragraph like the paragraph above, but above all else it’s important to speak the truth.

Men need to read The Myth of Male Power. Modern feminism is wrong; men are exploited by the larger culture and then told that women win the oppression olympics. The feminist worldview is wrong, but I would also discourage men from seeing themselves as victims. But men need to understand the world we live in.

Men also need to learn game. Game is not a perfect antidote to false rape accusations, but you can bet that it’s rarely the highest-status guys who get accused.


Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““The Takedown of Title IX:” The horror show on college campuses”

  1. I have a couple of ongoing fantasies…

    1. That I become an attorney and specialize in anti-SJWerido cases… suing universities, governments and employers for discrimination in the name of “diversity” or whatever they call it. Make it a thing. Hurt them in the wallet so they shut up and get back to business, instead of social engineering. Make social engineering very, very expensive. So the “careful” err toward “shut up about it” rather than lunacy and aggressive policy. Other folks are already doing this (Bret Weinstein and his wife got $350k out of Evergreen U, fuck YES to that).

    2. In response to the “meeeetoooooo” thing… men start publically exposing women that cheat or do anything sexually “unchaste.” Take them at their sexually most flagrant… and run that up the flagpole. That based-men start a public campaign, and “hang one women for every man hung.” Each time, make it explicit. Explicit retaliation to expose their tactics. Show the pics the married woman sent you… publically, with her name/face/details. Tag her employer. Tag her kid’s school. Married women in particular… ruin them. Each time being clear that we are glad to go back to being “adults,” but the floggings will continue… quid pro quo. It would only take a few publically “ruined women” to shake up the “meeeeetoooooo” crowd. They would shriek… but it would diffuse the negative PR to drag some women down. The guys to start this… are the accused. They have nothing to lose, and the should take a few “nice girls” down with them. They don’t need evidence (no evidence is needed to accuse them), just a story and name… and then, distribute that noise, in a very loud way.

    Someone once said “you make the rules… and I pick the roles.” I love that. That means if the rules are fair, you won’t mind either role. Since the rules aren’t fair at all, turn the rules back on the forces that be. Maybe I should learn my place, to fall in line. Or maybe I learn tactics and take the game into offense. The latter is what I’ve learn from the social justice movement.


    I think these things… and then I take a deep breath, and try to make some money and meet some girls. Life is too short to chase negativity (until it happens to me, and then!!!).


    1. I hope so too. I try to remind myself that the vast majority of women love men and that this crap only applies to a small number.

      It would also be nice for more guys to be better socially calibrated. I’ve seen guys stupidly persist way too long after rejection, when they’re better off moving to the next girl, and they create some of the worst stories.

      Most of the time it’s just women being hysterical, of course, but not all the time.


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