‘The desire to have a child never goes away’: how the involuntarily childless are forming a new movement

‘The desire to have a child never goes away’: how the involuntarily childless are forming a new movement” is framed partially correctly and partially incorrect. The real story is, “Women prefer banging hot guys who don’t care much about them more than they want a family with a boring dude.”

Until it’s too late. Biology is a cruel master and pretty much no one in college and universities explains it. So you get these women who don’t understand that their own actions have consequences.

I read this just a day after posting “Catch and release women who want families.” I personally know some of these involuntarily childless women (not the ones in the article obviously but the ones who just waited too long). On the surface they often say they didn’t want children anyway, or it just “never happened.” “It just never happened” is a typical phrase players know well: for a lot of women, “it just happened” or “it just didn’t happen.” They have no agency in the issue. They’re just a pinball in the world of men.

So a player’s job is to make things appear to “just happen” for her. So many women deny their own agency. That used to baffle me, until I realized that men and women have some key biological and psychological differences that create different outcomes (on average… I have met very driven, self-aware women, but they are outside the norm).

Most women cannot have a fulfilled life without children. They prioritize, often unconsciously, the wrong parts of their life, and then they’re surprised when age catches up with them.

(Also, half of Americans will be obese by age 35. Think about that. Fat women cannot attract the kind of man they’d want to have kids with.)

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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