“I don’t know who I am anymore”

Bike Girl told me, “I don’t know who I am anymore,” and she was referencing sex clubs and group sex dates. I didn’t handle her as well as I could have, I think because I’ve been through this before and I couldn’t get up the emotional affect necessary to deal with it properly. Instead, I was half engaged during the conversation, and the lack of true engagement about what she saw as a huge issue confused her and, I think, made her try even harder to explain what she was feeling. She’s pretty and used to guys being deeply into her… I am deeply into her p***y, I’ll say that much.

I reassured her that she is a good girl and that I’m watching out for her and that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. The conversation is one I’ve had before, too many times, and I didn’t adequately hide that. I think she fears losing me to other women at sex parties… for kind of good reasons. Sex with a new person is very intense and humans, especially women, are primed to pair bond with guys they have sex with. I don’t know how to say this without being arrogant, but I combine looks / masculinity / presence and career / money / earning effectively, or more effectively than most guys. Most guys do the one or the other. Realistically, most guys do neither, but most attractive, dominant guys have weak careers and most strong career guys are fat and repulsive. Or at least look like they’ve spent their life on their careers.

So Bike Girl is having, both an identity and relationship crisis (or doubts) at once. Having caught her, I need to release her. We’ve been talking explicitly about open relationships and how to live non-monogamously, and for her I think it’s a lot to take in. For most girls it is. Some chicks have been searching for this kind of thing for their entire lives and take right to it, but they’re in the minority.

It takes some delicate, consistent re-programming to get an average woman into a non-monogamous mindset. There are non-average women who like sex enough, or who have sufficiently damaged emotions, or who have adventurous personalities, to jump right in. They’re the exception. It may also depend on who has greater investment in the relationship, and how good the guy is at soothing the woman. Since I’m almost always less invested than the woman, the women is more worried about losing me.

But with non-monogamy, she can lose me two ways: she can lose me by agreeing (and thus seeing me have sex with other women) but she can also lose me by not agreeing, because she’s not doing what all those other dirty chicks will do. I’m good at implying, without being too explicit, what all those other girls did… will this one live up to their examples? I hope she wants to win. Her serving me is an excellent frame for a relationships.

Bike Girl is caught, psychologically, in other words, and last night I saw her thrashing in this trap. This contradiction. To her it’s all new. But to me it’s not. I’ve been in it for long enough to see the problems. Because of my relative experience, I’ve held back more, and let her take a lot of the first steps with others, and worked to let her get comfortable. For example, it’s common for a person (guy, realistically) with a new partner to let her be the focus of the other couple, and for the person (guy) not to have sex with the other woman the first time, in order to let the partner acclimate.

I’ve done some of that. Last night was also a reaction to the couple from New Year’s Eve, who I mentioned. The woman is incredibly beautiful, and she makes Bike Girl nervous. Bike Girl is in the same league but the blonde is a solid point higher. The blonde’s guy seems to have his virtues but I think I’m a bit better and kinkier in bed than he is. Bike Girl is worried about the heat between the blonde and me, which is not quite matched by what is between her and the other guy.

This is speculation and I don’t know for sure, but it matches experience and what I know of female psychology, as well as Bike Girl’s personality. Bike Girl has been with me long enough to be past the casual stage, so she wants to figure out if she’s going to be with me and non-monogamous over the long term, or with me and make me monogamous, or if she should get rid of me and protect herself emotionally or psychologically. I respect that last choice, which is probably the rational one for her, if she snag me for real, which she probably knows will be tough. Many girls have the street smarts to know that, if their love isn’t reciprocated, they should leave, however much it hurts.

I don’t know where things will go with Bike Girl, and she must know or suspect that, on some nights I’ve not been with her, I’ve been with other women, though she doesn’t want to hear explicitly what I’ve been up to. I frankly don’t have the time or sexual energy to have numerous relationships and sexual assignations all the time… not anymore. Sex every other day is now plenty for me (in college I’d prefer twice a day).

I don’t say that I’ve seen other women to Bike Girl, I don’t rub her face in it, and I’m not trying to be mean to her, but it is what it is. We’re not 100% into the same things. I’ve also seen fewer other women simply because Bike Girl is good at meeting my sexual needs, and she knows that the better she is about that, the better things will be between us. But she’s also figuring out that on a lot of weekends I’d rather do sex parties, or a specific number of other things, than I’d like to do her dumb chick activities. I tell her to do those alone and she is torn: she wants to be with me on the one hand but knows my independent nature on the other. In some ways I’m very patterned, very mechanical, choosing a small number of activities very specifically. Some chicks get bored with my way of being. They don’t like that I don’t care about their friend’s birthday or about seeing that movie or doing stuff for the Instagram pic.

Bike Girl isn’t accustomed to guys with options. I get the sense she’s used to “dating down.” I don’t know why, because she has a great body, but I think her exes have either been very short FWBs or guys who are more into her than she was into them. So now she’s in a reversed situation and it disorients her.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in the midst of it I told her that I love her, which I probably shouldn’t have done either. Oops. I have a thing about telling chicks I love them… usually during sex… then never mentioning it again. Probably bad game and bad for the chick’s emotional health. But I did it. Can’t take it back now.

So that is where we stand. We are supposed to see another couple tonight and I think that’s going to happen. I will have to get a hotel room because my place will be off-limits.

Bike Girl understands a lot without being able to articulate what she understands. Like, she understands that a person who is really serious about fitness and diet is also serious about sex. Why is a man so diligent about the gym that he won’t be thrown off by female needs? Because he’s serious about finding another woman if the current one doesn’t work out. Other women have also seen my obsessions with swimming, working out, and not eating sugar as a threat to them. And they’re a little right about that.

Maybe I need to take another week off. That typically restores me to equilibrium. This isn’t much of a “game” post. Get good enough at game (or being) and the problem becomes relationships, not sex.

I don’t know if Bike Girl will re-mold her personality, break, or suffer. They all seem possible. But now we’ve got to the point where she has to accept this as her new normal or start again. Re-molding a personality is very hard and I’ve been through it multiple times. Being outside the mainstream and outside typical cultural expectations has its costs.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on ““I don’t know who I am anymore””

    1. His blog is okay. I’ve read a lot of the blog and most of it seems pretty obvious to me, and yet there often seems to be something a little vague about it. I didn’t keep notes when I was reading. There were a lot of posts that I started, read a paragraph or two, then moved on.

      His books could be much better.

      To me, the real keys are simple: don’t marry, don’t cohabitate. If she doesn’t have access to a man’s financial resources, many problems will be avoided. Most women want those outcomes, though, and that’s a big reason non-monogamy is very hard.

      (Edit to say: my book is better than his are: https://theredquest.wordpress.com/free-book-on-sex-clubs/, and my blog is better too.)


  1. A few points:

    1. Her “I don’t know who I am anymore”: is a comfort shit test.

    She’s a HSMV girl and the self-image she had is crumbling under the emotions and the pressures of the socially extreme experiences you are taking her through.

    As you noted at this stage she needs engagement, but based on an alpha attitude.

    2. Telling her “she is a good girl” is socially a lie and she knows it. Her discomfort and her cognitive dissonance increase.

    As CMQ recommends, tell her she is YOUR whore/slut/bad girl to reassure her about her place at your side (which you write about in previous posts) and reconcile her cogdis.

    3. “she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do”

    As you wrote earlier, she, as most girls have no idea what they want. She is happy to let you make these decisions. I wouldn’t work her agency angle at all. Lead fearlessly.

    4. “It takes a lot of re-programming to get an average woman into a non-monogamous mindset”

    I strongly disagree. Girls have always been more than happy to share a high-status man. The devil is in your attitude. Any hint of boyfriend behaviour (doing non sexual shit on weekends, telling her you love her) yanks her out of the “king-courtesan” reality and makes her uncertain of YOU. Mixed signals kill her sense of security.

    5. “But she’s also figuring out that on a lot of weekends I’d rather do sex parties, or a specific number of other things, than I would like to do her dumb chick activities.”

    This looks like your taking part in her activities shit is on the table at all. Bad. Doing her shit is being in her frame. At some point the boundaries started fading and she is nesting and taking over your life. I have no idea how often you see each other, but if it’s more than twice a week, that’s way too much.

    6. “Bike Girl understands a lot without being able to articulate what she understands.”
    No. She feels you. If the rock is solid, she’s happy. If the rock crumbles, she’s unhappy or she sees opportunities to break you down further.


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