Pickup Dark Arts: kink, group play, blowing her mind

Tom Torero just put up a podcast with Troy Francis on Pickup Dark Arts and I’m glad to hear someone else who is game-and Red Pill-aware discussing this facet of male-female interactions.

The podcast fits with one of the more recent pieces I wrote, “Sex parties and sex clubs could be the next level of game.” Kink and public or group sex aren’t for every guy. I love them both for their own sake and because I find that scene an easier route to lots of girls… for me. But:

The reality is that sexual marketplace value operates at sex clubs just like it does everywhere else. You cannot evade it. Using sex clubs to try and avoid having basic value and game will backfire and waste time. Most women assess men’s sex appeal in all the ways RP guys already know.

Kink and sex clubs are not substitute for game. Any guy who attempts to use them as substitutes will suffer.

Listen to the whole podcast. Guys who have never done more than light restraints and spanking will have their minds blown. BDSM is now a baseline skill for men, cause women demand it (although you should also know when to be softer, more intimate, that kind of thing… being too rote will be boring/predictable).

It is also my experience that the kink and sex club scenes will vary greatly from city to city, with the better scenes in the bigger cities.

Author: The Red Quest

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4 thoughts on “Pickup Dark Arts: kink, group play, blowing her mind”

  1. Glad you caught that podcast, it was a good one and made me think of the comments on your blog. I think the book Troy was plugging on that podcast (Fifty Shades of Game) may be worthwhile and I plan to check it out.

    My question to you is how do you find a good event in your city? Troy talks about Torture garden in London being a good one because actual attractive people attend. I do think BDSM elements (bondage, chocking, toys, physical dominance, etc) play a key role in making girls more connected to you, if that’s something you want from her. I can see how swinging/sex clubs would take that even further.

    My own experience is that I took a cute 22 year old to a swingers party here in my city, but none of the other attendees were attractive to us so we left after 10 minutes. Like you I’m 6’3 and well built since I swim and lift. I’m picky and the other women (can’t use the term girls on ladies that old) were not at my standards.


    1. My question to you is how do you find a good event in your city?

      This is hard and varies by city, and the bigger the city the more likely there are to be good events. Some cities probably just don’t have a good scene. If you are extremely attractive and dating extremely attractive women, there may not be good events outside of NYC, LA, London, etc.

      I do a combination of Google, talking to others on Fetlife, and chatting on apps like Feeld and websites. This can be time-consuming but it takes time to build a reputation and figure out the lay of the land. Good parties are often invite-only.


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