Jesus Christ, text game

Jesus Christ. This text game breakdown is phenomenal. There are others like it on Riv’s blog and Nash’s blog. I used to think myself a good texter. No longer.

I do think I’m a functional texter, and most of my success comes from shutting the fuck up and less-is-more. But there is a level of insight around texting and text game that I do not have.

Guys who have found their way here from Reddit should pay attention: this is the kind of shit that almost never makes it onto Reddit. Experts get exasperated by Reddit’s beginner culture and migrate away.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ, text game”

  1. Im thinking of going to Reddit and post my stuff there – in part to stop spamming Nash :-D

    Where should I go etc?

    I think after a few months I’ll recollect all the ideas and compile a book.

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    1. Reddit is quirky and often stupid. Most moderators are fools. I think you’re better off mostly posting to a main blog; it looks like is some kind of legacy flash site.

      That said there are two main sections: and .

      I have posted in both. They both prefer self-posts (that is, posts directly in Reddit itself). You can see what I do in posts like this: . That post is on Reddit itself but has links to The Red Quest. Originally I was posting solely on Reddit, but when I’d done 15+ substantial posts I was like, “Fuck it, I gotta put these somewhere that Google will find.”

      Plus, Reddit is extremely juvenile and geared towards newbies. For that reason a lot of your work may not be well-received.

      But there is a lot of traffic there.


      1. Yeah – that’s really newbie stuff and full of clueless backrubbers trying to be nice. “Don’t worry man everyone gets rejected keep trying!!!” sad.


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