“What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful [Unaware] Woman”

What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful [Unaware] Woman”  is more Redpill than the Red Pill.

My looks definitely opened doors for me.

We know.

One of the worst things about being beautiful is that other women absolutely despise you. Women have made me cry my whole life. When I try to make friends with a woman, I feel like I’m a guy trying to woo her. Women don’t trust me.

Probably half looks and half personality.

Men were more loyal friends, but my boyfriends would always say: That’s because they want to get laid.

The men are right.

I never had any trouble getting guys, but I got bored easily and moved on. I should have taken the good ones more seriously. I can see now that they would have been good husbands, fathers, and providers but I’d just drift away on to the next and stop returning their calls.

This explains why other women don’t want their men around this woman. She gets “bored easily,” so she’s constantly looking for options. Women like men other women like.

“Gets bored easily” means that she likes to sleep around. Nothing wrong with that, but a woman who wants serial monogamy doesn’t want a hot, easy chick around her men.

As far as men, and anyone under 40 is concerned, I am invisible. They do not see me. I could walk across the street naked — it’s that bad.

We know thanks to evolutionary biology and common sense why this is. A woman who isn’t sexually viable gets judged the way almost all men get judged. This woman is hurt to be invisible in a way that men hurt their entire lives, until they accomplish enough to not be invisible.

But as far as the world is concerned? I’ve lost all my value.

If your only value is your looks, then yes, when you get older no one except your family cares about you. This woman is demonstrating that she had no other value. Congratulations on broadcasting that. Is that the smart thing to broadcast? Maybe, maybe not, but a woman whose only value is her looks might not realize the smart thing to do.

I don’t know whether this woman’s delusions are common or rare. If they’re common, I think other women are better at hiding them.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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