“I’ve never had a boyfriend before”

Went out with a 22-year-old girl who I met at a private sex party. When I met her at the party she was on molly, wildly fun, and incredible to be around. On the date she seemed half dead, apparently due to drinking while watching some sports game at a bar the night before.

Among other things, she doesn’t seem to have a real job, that I can discern, and she says that she moves a lot because she goes “where the wind takes me.” The most intersting thing she said, though, is that “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” I told her I think that’s very sad (and I do think it’s sad). But it’s also pretty obvious why she hasn’t. She’s like a walking, big-titted string of millennial Red Pill cliches.

At the party where we met we made out, I fondled her quite a bit, and if I’d not been out of ammo I think we would’ve fucked. On the date it was like we were strangers. I’ve written that women are totally capricious because they can be, but it’s rarely thrust in my face as obviously as it was with this chick.

I learned a long time ago that there is no point in getting angry with chicks for their bad behavior. At best they stammer an apology and run away. It’s still not inconceivable that I’ll bang her at some point. God that chick has a great body. And she is stupid in ways she doesn’t even understand. Before I started reading Red Pill and evolutionary biology material, I don’t think I fully understood chicks like her.

Not much of a field report because very little of interest happened, but many aren’t.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““I’ve never had a boyfriend before””

  1. Being a non-native I had to check what “on molly” was… I understand now :)

    I am glad that you keep posting. Your style is very concise, which suits me well. Also, you are more of a casual observer rather than a RP guru, and that makes the posts more natural.

    I have been implementing your “no sugar” rule for a while now. I don’t find it particularly hard, nor lifting regularly. However upon reading more about fitness and body types turns out I am skinny-fat, which is the hardest to transform. I think not being comfortable while shirtless explains a lot of my failure with women. Are you quite “jacked”, or merely lean with some muscular tone? Did you notice a huge change with girls when you improved your physique?


    1. I don’t know a lot about “transforming the body.” I’m lean, with some muscle mass, but I’ve also basically always had a good body thanks to sport when I was younger and an interest in nutrition long before most of my peers.

      That said I’ve also seen fit guys who are terrible with chicks and vice-versa. Good Looking Loser is premised on the proprietor’s failures with women despite being extremely fit.

      It’s always hard to give generalized advice because everyone’s situation is different.

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