“My First Much Younger Woman”

Black Dragon’s “The Story of My History with Women – Part 10 – My First Much Younger Woman” rings basically true to me. I do think online dating for older guys chasing younger chicks is harder than it used to be, simply because everyone is online. This particularly is true: “those few younger women naturally attracted to much older men and who don’t really like guys their own age.” When I was in college and in my early 20s, I would sometimes run into girls my age with a boyfriend who was 35+. That shocked me at the time. Now that I’m the older guy, I realize that most women prefer a guy within a few years of their own age, but there’s a significant minority of women who like much older guys.

The bit about flaking is also dead on. But in my experience women in general are incompetent, or only as competent as they need to be,  so flaking more generally is everywhere.

A long time ago I found good bars that will be chill with younger women. The simplest solution for the older guy is to arrive concurrently with the chick.

I’m amazed Black Dragon closed even after the “party” or friend group or whatever that the younger chick pulled.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““My First Much Younger Woman””

  1. >> When I was in college and in my early 20s, I would sometimes run into girls my age with a boyfriend who was 35+. That shocked me at the time.

    I was in love with this girl my 3rd year of college, she was a freshman. I was completely naive then, and she was “pro,” had a ton of experience, in every sense.

    Before she dated me… her boyfriend was a 40 year old drug dealer (she was 18). He wasn’t scary, more like a “provider” where drugs were the provisions.

    I couldn’t believe it at the time either.

    Fast fwd to now: I had two dates yesterday. If you add up the ages of those girls (21 and 22), the number is still less than my age. I dated a 19 year old when I was in NYC last Fall, and her mom was 37… I was 7 years older than her mom.

    I don’t even think about it anymore… if we’re into each other… that’s all that matters.


    1. I think this just feeds into your point about younger women being trained by older, more experienced guys. When I was younger I didn’t understand that dynamic at all. Now I’m older and realize why a lot of girls were just a lot more savvy than me at younger ages.

      Obviously no one can turn back time, and I still did fine.

      There was no game then (no formalized game, I mean) and nothing like the commercial Internet of today.

      Even today, it seems like most young guys don’t learn from reading. I don’t think I’ve seen any game blogs or substantive writing from a guy under the age of 28 or so.


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