“Glamourising the ‘Childfree Life’ Ignores Reality for Most Childless Women”

Glamourising the ‘Childfree Life’ Ignores Reality for Most Childless Women” is obvious to me and to most observers. Most women who deny this are probably lying to themselves too.

A couple years ago I went out with a woman I knew from high school, and time had not been kind to her. I thought it was more a “old time’s sake” thing, and I think she thought it was something else. In high school, I think she thought she was higher status than me, and when we saw each other I was definitely higher status than her, and dating a woman much younger than me. At some point I did something similar to what I said in, “How to drop a bomb on a group conservation.”

It’s not actually very smart or socially deft to say that sort of thing, because in many cases it does nothing more than alienate listeners. But if it’s said with a cheeky grin and an apologetic shrug of the shoulders, it can be an incredible troll. It’s also mean, when we should try to be magnanimous to those who have screwed up and know it.

There was no second meet up and as far as I know she’s still single and childless. Those women have fucked up their lives, typically irredeemably, and yet feminism ensures that we cannot have an honest, society-wide conversation about this issue.


Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““Glamourising the ‘Childfree Life’ Ignores Reality for Most Childless Women””

  1. I don’t really disagree with you, but the key word here is “most” women. I do think some women don’t want to be mothers at all, and they have now a better time than in the past, where they would have been deemed “weird” or worse. Maybe it is my projection since I have never been interested in children myself as a man, but I don’t think it is entirely unfathomable that some women are also thinking the same.

    Similarly, for instance my widowed grandmother lives alone and she is pretty satisfied with it. The alleged loneliness other women suffer is totally unbeknownst to her.

    By and large I reckon manosphere memes are true but never 100%. You have to operate from the AWALT mindset but NAWALT is also real.

    You can also check this Guardian piece on the topic of childlessness, in case you want to read more about it:



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