I really, really, really hope this comment is just a troll

I really, really, really hope this comment is just a troll. Because if it isn’t, it’s incredibly sad. Yet the state it describes also seems to be becoming more common.

There is another long and interesting comment from the same person here.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

7 thoughts on “I really, really, really hope this comment is just a troll”

    1. My experience is real and it is also real that I don’t see a reason to go on. I am not sure if I want to talk myself into finding cause somewhere else. It is pointless for someone who basically knew that she wanted her own happy family since she was a child herself.

      I think I understood yesterday while reading through these pages and a lot more that he was already part of the seduction community back in 2006 and then all the details of our interaction that I didn’t understand for a long time just fell into their places. He gamed all the years and that was what I had to recover from afterwards. “The Game” was published in 2005 and then bestseller. Since he is quite aware of public culture I am almost certain that he knew about it earlier. He even told me PUA stories of friends. I just did not care about these things, so I forgot these stories fast. Otherwise I might have understand earlier what happened. I don’t want blame. I just know how effectively you can manipulate somebody into staying and never allowing the person to feel secure enough to understand if what is going on is actually what she or he wants. Fear does not allow to think clearly and make sane decisions.

      After him there was some kind of insanity in me that I couldn’t get rid of for many years and the only thing I knew was that I never wanted to trust and love as I did with him. Of course this didn’t make it easier to use the next years on finding something healthier.

      So if this comment serves to make somebody aware that he is taking something of irreplaceable value from the women he claims to enjoy then that is all I wanted to achieve with this. If a person is in love with someone to the point of addiction then the one who knows that he cannot reciprocate is the one who has to set the addicted one free. If he cannot then he is nothing than needy and desperate and certainly not somebody that deserves to be worshiped. These are things that most won’t understand when 25 and in love and they will regret it when they turn 40 and realize that they have been broken.

      As much as I understand and sympathize with this community, the way in which women are demonized does not create awareness that some of us really can and do love and it is particularly those who do that are vulnerable. It is too easy to claim that the anger phase will go away. The contempt, the misogynist attitudes remain and behind those it is next to impossible to get in contact with the real person.

      In my case it was clear that I always wanted to grow up, to become whole, before I have kids myself, that was my reason for waiting. My parents have remained children until now. It was also clear that I wanted to have kids with a father, ending that cycle my family has been into for generations.

      But it is also clear that the feminist literature I was reading as a teenager and young adult, together with the story of my parents, a man-hating women and a misogynist father, have essentially confused my sense for relationships, respect and men-female interactions generally. Nevertheless, it is me who made the wrong choices and who is as broken as she is now and cannot respect herself for what she has become.

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      1. And I kind of recovered. I was shocked to understand that guys lack of authenticity. I took all his lies literal.

        Anyway, I need to take life as it is and actually also without all the things I wanted it is not so bad :)

        Particularly after my discovery of the RP, and after I recovered from the shock, everything has become so much more powerful and rewarding. Still hoping somehow for my own family, but in these times, with me and my history? Maybe it is better not to… and we get what we deserve. Reality is the final judge.

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  1. Philo:

    Your story puts into words exactly what I have been trying to say to the RP community.

    The discovery and organization of all the RP truths into a system of seduction is like physicists’ splitting the atom. It releases nuclear energy. In this case, it is a release of the energy that is intended to hold together the human parts of a nuclear *family*. The RP practitioners and writers are all people who know part of the truth but refuse to look at the whole truth. They are insulating themselves in bunkers to watch the explosions, the release of nuclear energy. They are all quite careful to shield themselves from radiation and nuclear fallout. After their tests are complete, and they emerge from their blast shelter in late middle age, they will find their world to be a barren radioactive wasteland.

    Red CoCo’s point of view is that he will give women the thrills they crave in the 18-24 age range, while fully knowing that most of these women will bitterly regret wasting their time on him if they hit the wall and have no family of their own. Of course, no player will say anything like that to any woman in that age range. What a wet blanket that man would be! Then when women 25-40 decide to settle down and want commitment, he will be entirely willing to admit what is handwritten on the wall: he won’t commit. But he won’t advertise the fact, either.

    I wonder when there will arise a writer, or a group of writers, willing to tell young women that they are smarter to entirely skip the wild 18-24 sexual experimentation phase with a variety of men, and move straight into the search for a stable, responsible man who wants and can support a family. If a woman finds the right guy, there’s no reason she can’t have a wild, exciting, deeply meaningful and loving time with *just him*.

    Your story is a perfect illustration of a major difference between men and women: women often are led by their emotions in a way that men aren’t, and so men have a responsibility to be the mature, sensible half of the equation and lead women into doing the right thing. Women also have a responsibility to embrace the truth of a system like ( https://penelopesoasis.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/secrets-of-fascinating-womanhood.pdf ) It’s written in an old-fashioned style, but if you can look past that to the underlying principles, it’s solid gold because it *works*. One of the major themes in the redpillwives is: “keep your number of sex partners before marriage low as possible, ideally sero”. they don’t press that very hard because otherwise it’s slut shaming and just makes women who failed to do that, feel hopeless. However, as the saying goes, ‘when boys grow up, they marry women, not horses.’ So there is always hope, and the harder and smarter a woman works, the more hope she should have.

    Men like Red CocCo are at the height of masculine technical competence in their intelligent approach to discovering how to succeed with women. Their unwillingness to truly own and refrain from the destruction caused by their use of their skills is proof that even ‘the smartest guys in the room’ can sometimes go disastrously wrong when they lose sight of fundamental principles of Western civilization, such as the Golden Rule, and ‘seed corn must not be ground’ ( https://curiator.com/art/kaethe-kollwitz/seed-corn-must-not-be-ground ).

    It’s a major theme in the Red Pill manosphere, that women hit a wall some time after the 18-24 wild years and want to lock down a provider to have a family of their own. There are many marriageable men in their 30s who complain that women who wouldn’t look twice at them in their 20s are now expecting men to help them raise children conceived with a player. As the song goes, ‘girls just want to have fun’. And even a hot young sexually liberated woman, deep down, can want a family to call her own, even if she is, for a time, riding high on a wave of libidinous energy: ( Ms. Slav is also more jealous than she lets on. ) [ https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/03/08/two-possible-paths-forward-hedonistic-partying-vs-children/#comment-2544 ]

    These Red Pill players are too smart by half. They have a wall of their own, too, and when they hit it, the suicide rate goes up, because when you have no family, no loving spouse, and can no longer ‘pull’, life is just as empty as it is for Moby, as he describes in his autobiography ( https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/moby-book-and-then-it-fell-apart/ ). The only difference between Moby and the players like Red CoCo: Moby had more money, so he had an easier time pulling, but the emptiness is just as empty no matter how full you were before the bottom falls out. And it’s not like the bottom falls out without warning; people just don’t want to understand what they’re seeing: ( We did have another foursome with this couple where the girl is really hot. Not a very interesting story, and even though I was excited in the midst of it, after I was still like, “Is that it?” A weird feeling, and one that I have been feeling more often lately. )[ https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2019/03/08/two-possible-paths-forward-hedonistic-partying-vs-children/#comment-2544 ] I suspect what Red CoCo is feeling there is the let down when even more of the drug provides a smaller and smaller hit of dopamine.

    I think the data are clear by now: More and more sex with more and more people is a dead end. So what is the answer for men like Red CoCo ? I believe it is the same answer for women: family life, informed by the Red Pill understanding.

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    1. I wonder when there will arise a writer, or a group of writers, willing to tell young women that they are smarter to entirely skip the wild 18-24 sexual experimentation phase with a variety of men, and move straight into the search for a stable, responsible man who wants and can support a family.

      No women want to hear that.

      I’m also not sure that it’s optimal. Most chicks feel a tension between fun/novelty and stability, and this is most acute when young or when bored. You put too little emphasis on exploration and you get problems like late 20s or 30s divorce https://slate.com/human-interest/2019/07/josh-harris-shannon-separation-marriage-i-kissed-dating-goodbye.html

      I think most people go through epicycles of partying and stability. Is it good to warn chicks about value drop starting in the late 20s, sometimes sooner, sometimes later? Yeah. Do most chicks wanna hear it? Doubtful.


    2. >>I think the data are clear by now: More and more sex with more and more people is a dead end. So what is the answer for men like Red CoCo ? I believe it is the same answer for women: family life, informed by the Red Pill understanding.

      I think it also depends on your age, life stage, past, etc. I have spent 10+ years hedonistically fucking chicks. I don’t regret it but simultaneously I am… not tired of it, that is not the right word, but really satisfied by it any longer. I also spent a lot of age 17 – 24 / 25 doing the same… that is a whole lot of time chasing, fucking, practicing, etc.

      I don’t regret it. I am not one of these guys who is going to have a conversion experience and be like, “Casual sex is bad.” I am a guy who thinks that different things, different experiences, have their season… we should respect the seasonality of life. Summer does not invalidate spring, autumn does not invalidate summer.

      There is literally no sexual fantasy undone. Threesomes, groups, truly beautiful women, younger chicks, older chicks, public/semi-public, outdoor, indoor… there’s no scenario I want to try that I have not tried. I know a lot of guys, usually married, who yearn for those things they never got to do… I have done them. A couple drinks deep, I am never the one saying, “I wish I could fuck a younger hot woman… I wish I could have someone who will do the act my wife won’t… I wish I could get anal.” I am the guy saying, “If you really truly want those things you can have them… but you pay, too… https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/there-is-no-easy-way-there-is-only-the-hard-way


  2. “He knew that I was unable to leave him. He knew that he had “god-status” and that I was addicted. ”

    I have taken a lot of personal pride in my ability to quickly and habitually engender this feeling of being treated like a god, in hot young woman, very very quickly. Girls moving in on the first date, and being wrapped around my finger for years and years, even as I had other girls.

    It took a girl I really respected, who I tried unsuccessfully to be faithful with, and who was very clear that she was with me on the way towards babies and family, and not for fun, leaving me, and many many previous horrible heartbreaks and drama that I caused, to finally, after a slow crescendo, come to the climax of realization.

    There are such things as decent relationships, sex addiction is a real thing that can get in the way of other goals, and it is possible to really fuck up other peoples lives.

    Free will is a bit of an illusion; just ask any addict. Most alcoholics are lifetime alcoholics. If you are truly expert at keeping someone addicted to you, it’s a little bit like being a heroin dealer. It’s not all good.


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