Story update on the 20-year-old

Nothing has happened with the 20-year-old from this story, and we keep making tentative plans that are scuppered by various stupid young girl things. Some of her minor health problems are also in play, e.g. she has a medical appointment tonight, which I think is genuine, but the timing is also bad for me.

So this one hasn’t died off altogether, as she’s still responsive. Someone is going to point out that if she really wanted to make this happen, she would. That’s obviously true, but it’s also true that people have complicated lives, and many girls are random. I’ve gotten a lot of lays and short-term relationships off situations not exactly like this one, but pretty similar overall, where the girl seems flighty or chaotic but does eventually show up. The line isn’t dead and she’s apologetic in texting.

Most often girls just ghost when they’re uninterested.

This one hasn’t ghosted, and if she’s milking me for attention I’m not sure she’s getting much. I’m staying pretty close to logistics chat, with a little other stuff as well. I keep telling myself that if this is going to happen, it’s going to happen, and if not, life goes on. She’s going home tomorrow (college girls…) and coming back “Sunday or Monday.” A bad sign but not a fatal one. There are some things we’ve tentatively planned (because of her sexual personality I invited her to sex party in a couple weeks), one of them a thing she claims she’s long wanted to do but never done, and that I know about because I know these things.

I just really want it to happen.

I remember once, probably six or seven years ago, meeting this chick in a bar. She was very responsive to me and my friend who was out with me. She invited us to go to another bar with her, but for some reason I didn’t think it was a good idea to go immediately. She seemed like a girl playing games. We did go down an hour or so later and she was already grinding on / making out with another guy, as was her friend or whatever.

Maybe the other guy was her boyfriend, maybe something else was going on, I don’t know, but I did kick myself for being “cool” instead of just saying yes. Sometimes hard pursuit is the right thing to do.

A guy in another thread asks, “You refer to ‘less is more’ with long game.. How long between pings is recommended here?” There is no right answer and it turns out my answer is long enough to be a post. I also began a post in response to this Nash comment. I may have a problem in that I can’t explain things in like a paragraph. Too many little complications, etc.

Or I’m pouring erotic energy into writing instead of where it should be poured.

Author: The Red Quest

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4 thoughts on “Story update on the 20-year-old”

  1. >> I just really want it to happen.

    This ^ is clear. That is good, in one sense (you’re “alive” in some way about this girl), and potentially fatal in another. I trust you. I bet you can see that potential.

    If she is “one of many,” and we can “lean back,” I think wise opinion has it we can (in general) run better game than when we “lean in.”

    In this case, you’re pouring a lot of attention into this girl in terms of your own inner psychology… and that is a tip off to me that this won’t work… that’s already over cooked.

    With great respect, Sir… you look a little eager.

    >> Or I’m pouring erotic energy into writing instead of where it should be poured.

    I’m not sure about this ^… where do you think it should be poured?

    If you think it should be poured into her… I would argue against that.

    If you think it should be poured into XYZ aspect of you being a valuable man, then I think you might be on the right path. Or into… the next 2o year old.

    In moments like this… I take that energy and go hunt. I am often tempted to “crush the sparrow.” When I feel that energy, I go in the other direction… go hunt. Get some new leads from whatever type of game you like. Hunting is a very good/productive use for this kind of energy. If she comes back in your direction while you’re out hunting… good! If she doesn’t not, you have honed your hunting skill… and perhaps added new, fresh, distracting leads to your life… so this particular girl is less “precious.”

    I am going to do a Twitter post and tag you in it… this situation reminds me of something.


    1. With great respect, Sir… you look a little eager.

      Yeah. I’ve been feeling too eager, but (I think) I’m holding back that eagerness with her or around her. Probably not entirely. It’s very hard to cover up the true feelings. I probably should have taken that energy and gone hunting, as you suggest, but I didn’t.

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