“Glamourising the ‘Childfree Life’ Ignores Reality for Most Childless Women”

Glamourising the ‘Childfree Life’ Ignores Reality for Most Childless Women” is obvious to me and to most observers. Most women who deny this are probably lying to themselves too.

A couple years ago I went out with a woman I knew from high school, and time had not been kind to her. I thought it was more a “old time’s sake” thing, and I think she thought it was something else. In high school, I think she thought she was higher status than me, and when we saw each other I was definitely higher status than her, and dating a woman much younger than me. At some point I did something similar to what I said in, “How to drop a bomb on a group conservation.”

It’s not actually very smart or socially deft to say that sort of thing, because in many cases it does nothing more than alienate listeners. But if it’s said with a cheeky grin and an apologetic shrug of the shoulders, it can be an incredible troll. It’s also mean, when we should try to be magnanimous to those who have screwed up and know it.

There was no second meet up and as far as I know she’s still single and childless. Those women have fucked up their lives, typically irredeemably, and yet feminism ensures that we cannot have an honest, society-wide conversation about this issue.


“Failing at Trying to Have an Affair” with Ashley Madison

Another day, another great Red Pill piece written by a woman. The most interesting thing about this woman’s affair is her premeditation. Most women who have affairs don’t consciously decide to do it, I think. It “just happens” when they get in the right situation. So this woman is a little different. In the intro, the writer says:

a single male friend of mine mentioned that his efforts at finding a long-term relationship were being hamstrung by the fact that an increasing number of the women he met on dating apps were already married. Some were polyamorous, some in open marriages, but they all seemed to be seeking out extramarital relationship with a kind of freedom and shamelessness that wouldn’t have been possible until recently.

Translation: don’t get married. Be the guy she cheats with, not the guy she cheats on. Women are allegedly refusing to be married “in the usual way.” As guys, we can’t control women, but we can let them get what they want. So let’s do that. After all, this storyteller says she was tired of being married and “I just wanted to do whatever I wanted.” Conventionally, marriage is about controlling your libidinous urges. Not anymore.

When women want new relationships they change: “So I went on a diet. I bought some new clothes. And then I set up a profile on Ashley Madison.” She wasn’t willing to work at being thin and pretty for her husband, but she was for the new guy.

The new guy and other guys are too timid to pull the trigger properly. They haven’t done game.

Another article, “The Joys of the Part-Time Long-Distance Relationship,” doesn’t say as much, but it’s really about how the woman in the relationship is free to get some strange dick while she’s traveling, thus rejuvenating herself or whatever.

For a man the lessons are obvious: don’t get married. Be careful about cohabitating, especially in small urban spaces. Expecting monogamy in today’s sexual climate is unreasonable, so you had better think about alternate arrangements.

“Magnum Game”

From Nash: “Magnum Game with Black Dragon influence.” An excellent post. I love reading game writers because they make me realize my game is not nearly as strong as I used to think. Like, the offering two dates, two days apart is golden. So is the detailed text game. The two-dates thing is a good idea and the text game is better than mine. I’ve tended to do one date, time, and place, all in the same text, under the theory that it’s good leading. But it’s probably overly specific and does indeed run into walls at times.

In reading not just this but some of the other good game blogs, I’ve also realized that I’ve probably overly focused on chicks can be described sex positive (my preferred way) or sluts (a common female-female social framing I dislike). I’ve likely lost a lot of chicks due to sheer impatience. I’ve probably polarized too strong too early and likely driven a lot of chicks away. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done fine, but there’s a huge gap between “fine” and “optimal” (a sentence I say over and over again at work).

My guess, reading posts like Magnum Game, is that I’ve leaned heavily into nutrition and sport/lifting and my technical game has atrophied or never sufficiently developed as a result. I have some serious strengths, like an ability to endure rejection and good cocky-funny, coupled with some weaknesses that I’ve never really worked on enough. Some chicks say no and I just move on. Often without putting in the Magnum work.

Like: in online dating, I’ve experimented with rope pics and mentions of BDSM. They’re extremely polarizing. A lot of chicks will ignore me or say mean things when I foreground those interests. But the chicks are into it, are really into it, and they’re usually ready for first-date sex.

It’s common and correct to point out that many chicks into rope and bondage are fat. But there are very pretty chicks who are into it as well and who are looking for guy with good game and a decent body who is on their level. That’s where I come in. I’ve found them at times and it’s been good.

A couple days ago I got rejected, hard, twice by very pretty girls on bikes. Also asked out one of my kids’ teachers (very gently and with a cheeky smile and long pre-amble about how she should feel free to say no, but I have to ask). She was flattered but also said no.