I don’t believe self-reported data about sex

Data from this thread about sexuality is interesting but also looks cherry-picked to me. It seems that about 13% of people claim to have had one sex partner in their entire life; about 2.5% claim to have had zero and the majority are under five partners. I find this hard to believe: it’s true that Americans are more obese than ever, but I don’t believe we’re that obese.

According to this data, the divorce rate has been falling for a while. But we don’t see the rate on people who have never married, especially at older ages, which also seems to rising, as does childlessness.

We are superficially moralistic about cheating and infidelity. But, realistically, it’s also true that lots of people cheat and never admit it. Especially not on surveys. And I don’t see a good way of uncovering that dark number. Almost no one admits to cheating.

It does seem that (some) Millennials are having less sex, but it’s not clear how much of that is skewed by sexless guys and how much of it is a product of living at home too long. Or how much of it is whether oral sex “counts.”

Maybe I’m just living in my own bubble. Maybe hot chicks get better offers, so they’re willing to have more sex. It’s true that the majority of women are sexually invisible to me, typically due to age or weight. I have heard women lament, typically due to weight, that no guys even approach them. I do think it’s possible that a lot of people like stuffing their faces and watching TV more than sex. A weird choice to me.

What people SAY and what people DO are so so different. We see it all the time in everyday life. Survey data is better than no data, but only a little bit. The old rule is to divide whatever number a man tells you by three and multiply the number a woman tells you by three.

This is more data, showing the number of actual “incels” seems to be small. I’m sure it sucks to be one, and any “incel” can be helped by getting off his ass, quitting video games, and quitting sugar.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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