“Can We Talk About Toxic Feminity?”

Can We Talk About Toxic Feminity?

Consider this your chance and place to talk. Personally, I don’t care that much, because when I find a toxic woman I get her out of my life, or don’t let her in in the first place.

But the phrase “toxic masculinity” keeps getting used, while its opposite almost never does.

Tells you something.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on ““Can We Talk About Toxic Feminity?””

  1. Control your women or they will control you. This means doing the things you talk about here on this blog:
    – be dominant and lead (in and out of bed)
    – don’t get legally married
    – always date at least two women so you don’t get oneitis
    – only see your women once a week
    – don’t text more than once or twice a week. Be mysterious and leave them guessing (frankly you should be too busy anyways)
    – learn to get good at brining new women into your life
    – develop sources of non sexual affection and friendship besides the women you date

    What we used to call “being a man”. Shouldn’t be so execeptional these days but it is


    1. I do a lot of these, but not always #3 and rarely #4. If I really like her, and that seems reciprocated, I want to see her a lot more than once a week.

      With texting, less is more, but only once or twice a week might be too little. If you’re seeing her regularly, and having sex regularly, you want to reward that behavior with (some) attention. Not texting her every hour or likely even every day, but probably more than twice a week.


      1. These are suggestions more than hard and fast rules. But I do find item 4 not seeing her more than once a week is key. If you do see her more than once a week, even if you have a strong connection, it speeds up the end of the relationship in my opinion and certainly brings up “the talk” about where things are headed sooner (especially with girls over 25 or so).

        I’ve found by seeing them once a week it keeps that honeymoon period going much longer. One of my girls I’ve been seeing since she was 18. She’s 20 now and because I only see her once a week or less we still have that new energy going and she has yet to bring up any drama or “the talk”.

        Having 2-4 regular girls makes seeing them once a week a lot easier.

        Just sharing what I’ve tried and seen work very effectively. It’s made a big positive difference for me


    2. “– only see your women once a week”

      Oh yeah let someone else take a chance. Seems you find some strange delight in being cuck..


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