“I choose just men.” “Bi” women want it easy

This article is a fine example of why men shouldn’t get married, but I want to focus on this:

I take a long pause when the app asks if I’m interested in men, women, or both. Loaded question. I’ve always loved women, but men are so easy. I choose just men.

I have met many, many bisexual, bicurious, heteroflexible, and experimental girls (these are their stories). Almost all acknowledge that dating women is a much bigger pain in the ass than dating men. The activation energy required for seducing and dating women is so high that they default to dating men, because it’s easier and more pleasant for the chick. Most women want submissive sex, and most men want dominant sex, so what happens when two submissive chicks get together? Frequently, nothing. Neither will escalate.

Imagine the flightiness and indecisiveness of one chick. Multiply it by two, and you understand why there are few true lesbians. Many chicks cannot or will not make the first move, schedule, escalate, and handle logistics; typical chicks are used to guys handling all that stuff (men who learn to handle it get laid, men who don’t, jerk off: which are you?). Even if two chicks want each other, nothing often happens because neither will make the first move. Both want it to “just happen.” Think of all the women you’ve heard say of a sexual or other encounter, “it just happened!”

In the real world, guys learn that things that “just happen” happen because a guy makes it happen.

Bi-curious chicks are thrilled when they meet a guy who doesn’t judge them for being bi-curious and can help them setup threesomes or rendezvouses with other chicks. Most chicks are too inept to do that, even if they desire it, and, even if they manage a short-term thing, they cannot handle dating other chicks. Guys who decide and execute things are better.

Some of the most hilarious conversations I’ve had with chicks happen when some chick ghosts or flames out or disappears, then rediscovers me with another chick. If one says no, it’s on to the next one. I don’t think most guys have learned to operate that way.

Have you heard chicks complain about how “there is no porn for women?” Then I ask, “Okay, why don’t you go make some?” She looks confused. Is he even speaking my language? I’m just a consumer. The idea of doing something for herself is alien.

No, I’m not speaking her language (deliberately). She’s complaining, not proposing a solution. Her job is to complain, so that maybe a guy will fix it.

Every time I read someone, usually a chick but sometimes a blue-pill guy, lament about how few female entrepreneurs there are, I’m like, “Have you tried dating women? That will show you everything you need to know.” Women are accustomed to accepting offers, not being rejected. Men who get laid learn to tolerate rejection, and tolerance to rejection is critical for entrepreneurs.

There is a decent amount of learning about female psychology that happens in the game. I’m not complaining about it, mind. I’m just describing what is. It’s like describing the tactical ascent on a mountain. It’s not complaining to describe the route or the challenges, but it is telling everyone what gear they need and what to expect. The unprepared will suffer. Evolutionary biology underlies game and female evolutionary biology dictates that chicks will find a guy to knock them up and that they should test guys for fitness. Thus, flightiness, uncertainty, moving back and forth, evaluating various offers, etc. If she fucks up with one guy, no worries, as another will be along shortly.

The only way to circumvent that thinking is for her to know a guy has other offers, and that if she doesn’t move on him, another chick will. Put two chicks together and this dynamic goes away.

After yoga tonight, I was chatting with this slender girl with a nice big ass. I’ve never seen her at my studio before. She was polite but also distant. Distant enough for me to not pursue. On the way home I spotted a hot blonde in workout clothes. I stopped her, got her AirPods out, and started in with something about style and dedication for working out after work. She said, “No” and kept walking. Totally blank. I lose far more than I win, though I don’t write much about the “no,” either hard or soft, because they are less interesting than the “yes.”

Author: The Red Quest

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8 thoughts on ““I choose just men.” “Bi” women want it easy”

  1. What I like most about this piece is the last part: “On the way home I spotted a hot blonde in workout clothes. I stopped her, got her AirPods out, and started…”
    Ah, gotta love daygame. That’s being… alive!


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