The sex tape thing, and being weird

I get some weird sense of achievement from making sex tapes. Don’t ask me why: I can do some bogus, hand-wavy psychoanalysis that won’t mean shit. Let’s just leave it at, “I like doing it and feel a sense of achievement when I do.” Kind of weird, but probably not more weird than many things guys feel (and won’t admit). A guy who gets deeply interested in seduction and self-improvement is by definition somewhat weird. Normal guys think sex somehow passively “just happens,” and that’s why their sex life usually sucks.

Most contemporary women will go for making sex tapes, too… as usual with women, the key is just to treat it as normal. Don’t really ask, just do it (the power of defaults). If she balks, say that you think she’s better than porn and are turned on by her naked body. But like I said, usually it’s better to just do it. Not the first time, unless you think she’s an exhibitionist, but maybe the second or third time. Many chicks have a fantasy about being the center of attention, and being on a sex tape feeds that desire.

It’s just a “thing” I do. Think of this as another non-mainstream thing. Mainstream guys:

* Are fat.
* Underperform in their sex lives.
* Have no women or maybe one woman.
* Never want to ask if their woman will cheat on them. They fear the answer.
* Never want to think about their one woman leaving them (if she does, where will he find another?).
* Feel frustrated by their lives, or worse, don’t.
* Watch a lot of TV.
* Play a lot of video games.
* Form their identity around the shit they buy and the sports teams they watch.


* Am not fat.
* Perform pretty well in my sex life (overall… some guys do far better than me… but I have done fine and am doing fine).
* Read.
* Write elaborate pieces online explaining my life and psyche.
* Like making sex tapes.
* Have learned basics of video editing and color corrections.
* Actively practice diverse skills.
* Seek out new experiences.
* Encourage chicks to share their “dark” secrets with me.
* Like sex clubs.

So “I like to make sex tapes” is in some ways part of a suite of weird stuff I’m into.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, far from it, and I have many of my own demons, though I may not emphasize them… picking out “one weird thing” about me is kind of pointless, when there are many weird things about me. And there are probably many weird things about most guys who get deeply into the game, because normal guys don’t go deep on the game… or much of anything.

What’s the “normal” guy thing to do? Get drunk and rely on alcohol to find chicks. Rely on luck. Rely on friends-of-friends to get dates. Be super polite to chicks, or nervous around them, both of which are turn-offs. Get married by the late 20s to one chick, who then gets fat pretty quickly. Attempt online dating half-heartedly and get discouraged by rejection. Play 10+ hours of video games a week. It’s very challenging and unlikely to be a top performer in video games and a top performer with women.

Guys who do pickup work systematically on the process to improve every part of it. That’s a really weird thing to do. So I’d guess that, yes, pickup artists are weird, but if they weren’t weird, they’d drastically underperform in their sex lives.

Author: The Red Quest

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