Ms. Slav is back, and, also, use a vibrator during sex

Ms. Slav is back. She finds her home country and city too small, provincial, and most of all conservative, so she’s happy to be in the United States again. She’s staying in the same swank hotel as her parents, but, fortunately, in a different room. We met in her hotel room, and without saying much I stripped her black dress to discover new lingerie underneath; she said she’d been shopping for it a couple hours prior. So I left the thong on, and pulled it to the side. Beauty.

After, we took a nap and started chatting. I told her I had a surprise for her, and I pulled out a package containing a vibrator. She was pleased, and also surprised, and said, “Guys give me flowers and jewelry all the time. I would much rather have this.” That perked my ears. How many guys? “A lot. A hundred?” A hundred? At her age? I want to think she’s exaggerating. Conceivably she isn’t. She said that for most girls, flowers are the best thing the girls think they can get. Ms. Slav is fond of drawing distinctions between herself and “most girls,” which is almost, but not quite, a red flag. In this paragraph, there is an important lesson for men: be the guy who gives her the vibrator and makes her get off, hard, not the simp giving her pricey trinkets she doesn’t care about.

Ms. Slav said that she’s never been very submissive before. With women she’s dominant, and with men she’s never really been made to submit. But she said that when I move her where I want her, and hold her down by the throat, it turns her on. Like spanking during foreplay. Like most chicks, she can take more than I think she can. She may like the way I use raw strength. I remember a session with a lover from a couple years ago, and she was playfully resisting by moving to the top of the bed. I grabbed her ankles, dragged her entire body down, and forced her legs open. She said, “I forgot how strong you are” (I’m not that strong, I want to be clear… I have met truly strong men, seen them train… I’m just stronger than guys who don’t follow a weight lifting program). That girl’s comment was a major turn-on, largely because I don’t think it was planned… it popped out of her.

There was something about sex with that girl, Short Dancer, that was unreal. Unfortunately, I lost her because she knew I was dating someone else… a couple someone elses, to be honest… and didn’t like my ways, but I wasn’t willing to commit to her. It was a complicated time. The situation persisted until she went to a party while I was out of town and… yeah. Still have a bunch of great sex videos I made with her. I think of her with happiness.

With Ms. Slav, that day in the hotel room her parents were paying for, I meant to tie her up and really paddle her, but I was too focused on the sex to do the more elaborate pieces. Also meant to bring my favorite massage oil and forgot it as well. Did remember the camera. She still likes the photos and being shot nude.

Ms. Slav washed the vibe and I plugged it in. She used it the second time we had sex, and she kept coming, over and over again, incredibly hard. So hard it was hard for me to hold off, and eventually I couldn’t. She said she’d never had sex while using a vibrator, or come so hard. I’m disinclined to believe such praise, but I think her oldest partner prior to me was 18, or maybe in his early 20s, so she could conceivably be telling the truth, instead of attempting to stroke my ego. Guys are too dumb to get girls to use vibrators during sex. I may “win” a lot because I don’t do the dumb, high-ego things.

All in all I’d call it a very successful session. I know guys in the red pill are against giving chicks gifts. I agree with that stance… BEFORE sex. After sex, some small gifts are okay, particularly if they’re sexually related and treated like they’re no big deal. See my old post, “The holidays are coming up: shit tests, comfort tests, and gifts [intermediate and above].” It is bad to give a chick anything as an implied exchange for sex, but okay in my view to do so afterwords, particularly if the chick is younger and inexperienced. Few guys understand that chicks LOVE gifts that are earned. Ms. Slav has earned hers.

I like experimenting. Many chicks have told me that, when they’ve tried to bring toys into the bedroom in the past, their guys have been threatened. Not me. I see man as the tool-using animal.

Ms. Slav says she’s going to get an IUD, and I hope so, because the lack of busting in her may be the barrier preventing me from being fully into her. She’s been on hormonal birth control in the past, but that disagreed with her. She said that she was tempted to get it in her home country but didn’t trust the medical system there.

The 20-year-old is also back, but I can’t be arsed. She seems too likely to be a problem and too flakey for me. I’ve had some other adventures as well I mean to write more about.

Author: The Red Quest

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