Where I fit in to the game world

In “Feedback request: What do you want to see in a book about non-monogamy and players?“, I mention the things I’m not so good at. While I don’t worry too much about being first or best, I also know that I’m unlikely to offer the kinds of highly anatomized how-tos that Krauser or Tom Torero or some others do. There is some very good step-by-step daygame material that I can’t match and am not really trying to match. My game is more “basic,” for lack of a better word. I’ve also figured out some methods and ways of living that reduce the total time I spend approaching.

That said, I do think I’m ahead of 90 or 95% of guys. But the guys ahead of me are probably way ahead. An average guy who finds his way here, possibly by accident through search engines, is going to be greatly assisted. That is also why I think The Red Pill on Reddit is okay, despite the shitty moderating and the moron brigade who inhabit it. While intermediate and advanced guys will mostly find it to be a waste of time, the average and beginner guys who don’t know shit will find it very useful to get started. Our society is so highly feminized that most men don’t even recognize reality. While I have never been that feminized, I didn’t fully get what the reality of intersex dynamics are until I began reading game (starting with The Game by Neil Strauss).

I still mess up. Last night I went for a walk and, while I was walking idly, I was thinking deeply about something at work. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a stunning, curvy blonde chick wearing a white t-shirt and light-wash jeans. I was discombobulated and couldn’t think of what to say, even though she was so stunning that I ought to have given it something. By the time I got somewhat together she was gone. Guys with better game will have a cold-open response pretty drilled into them, so that they can execute immediately. I don’t have that and missed. There are excuses I can give (I was thinking about other things, etc.), but they don’t matter. I over-rely on situational openers.

There are probably other things I could say, but there are a few.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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