“The ‘Untrue’ Woman” is another lesson to guys: don’t get married.

The ‘Untrue’ Woman” is another lesson to guys: don’t get married. Marriage means giving up half your net worth and income for… what, again? If you think it fidelity, you may be in for a surprise.

That first link is to an article, but the book is titled, “Untrue: Why Nearly Everything We Believe About Women, Lust, and Infidelity Is Wrong and How the New Science Can Set Us Free.” It’s more Red-Pill ideas wrapped in a feminist package. I’m split as to whether I should read it. It does look like a useful book for guys to give to chicks who need some intellectual background for open relationships. But the book also reads like something I already know and understand.

With each chapter, Martin builds a case for the primacy of female infidelity and for a societal reckoning with that truth

When Red-Pill guys do this, it’s sexism. When women do it, it’s liberation. Same ideas, different speakers.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on ““The ‘Untrue’ Woman” is another lesson to guys: don’t get married.”

  1. Hey man.

    > but I’m definitely into psychologically converting chicks into being sex positive and adventurous

    Bringing this ^ over from your comments on my latest post.

    You represent a very interesting example of a certain type of “player” within the context of some of the communities I outlined in my “very academic” post.

    The “petit-maitre” is the type of player Feher uses in those quotes. The “littleness” (petit) there (I believe) is in contrast to a full-on Liberterine, that not only wants the sex… but wants polite society to watch while he does impolite things (he wants that more than the sex, actually). He wants to rub a type of wild, sexual chaos in the face of the Victorian types. I understand the appeal… but I don’t share it.

    I think you sit sort of between the two camps.


    > but I’m definitely into psychologically converting chicks into being sex positive and adventurous

    The distinction, for me, is this: Do you want her to open the door completely? Or only for you? For a select audience of men and those discreet sexual adventures? Would you have it that all women were rabbits? I’m very clear this isn’t up to us… but if you could have it your way??

    I would be interested in your view here. Again, you occupy a very interesting place in the culture.

    You sound to my ears, like you like the opportunities associated with women opening up, in general, in a broad way. No judgment (of you) here (I’ll leave that to the TradCons!).

    For me… this “opening up” is well represented in the differences between American porn and Japanese porn.

    I can’t get into American porn. It’s too “in your face.” And the girls are depraved in a continuous, never-ending, obnoxious way. All I see is trash. From the piercings and tats to the “aahhhh fuck me!! gah-gah-gaaaaaaah! fuck me. Ahhh, I’m your fucking slut… ahhh, gah gah gah,” all in a loud way that goes past fetish to true filth (from my POV… and there is a lot of “filth” I like, but not that flavor).

    Versus Japanese Porn… where she might do the same acts… but with some semblance of femininity in the mix. A “good girl” in a wild situation. That’s hot to me. Many of the sex acts are the same… but there is a style that is retained in (some) Japanese porn that was (mostly) abandoned long ago in mainstream American porn (again, as I see it).

    I think Western women, in general, represent this “lack of subtlety.” They are too “dead” to be turned on by anything subtle (and this could be the seduction, not the sex). They are the political equivalent of a girl, covered in tats, taking double-anal, while mascara runs down their cheeks. Way too crude to be sexy for me… the girls, the culture, and the porn.

    In this ^ way… I am more with the TradCons than with the Libertines.

    Being “in the middle” puts me in the “petit” camp. I like that society has a system. Even though, I am with you… I will never marry. But I want to operate, subtly, in/around those rules.

    The last thing I want from women… is them to “open up” any more than they already have. I reject them, for their currently level of full-on Libertinism… and I think many men will as well (if they have a choice of anything better… even as I realize most men have little/no choices).

    Pump and dump (as a celebration), for ever (from both sides). Not because of what happens behind closed doors… but because of a lack of discretion in the culture.


    1. >>I can’t get into American porn.

      I don’t like it either. I like amateur porn. It’s less ridiculous.

      As for opening women up… I think the culture is pointed in that direction. But cultural change is very slow. So slow, that you and I might not have to worry about it that much.


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