Don’t be this guy

The previous night was our fifth date. He’s great, but I’ll admit it: I would love for him to get into a fitness regimen and tone up. I go back to bed because I’m not quite ready to be mobile.

While the guy in this story (most of it is typical female hamster-izing, you’ve been warned) is hitting it, he’s losing the retention game, likely due to eating sugar and inadequate gym time. Probably 80% of the guys I know will get massive improvements in results from minimal time spent on gym and wardrobe.

For most guys, just getting the basic stuff right will lead to far better outcomes. Part of the player’s journey is typically removing bad traits / behaviors.

Someone may say in the comments, “I bet the chick is fat.” She might be, I obviously don’t know who she is, but even sub-optimal chicks can have a lot of choice.


Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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