Non-monogamy is NOT for everyone

Notice that, in my work on non-monogamy and players, I have never said (and will never say) that “non-monogamy is for everyone” or “group sex is great for everyone.” It’s not and it’s not.

I am saying, however, that given how most players like sexual novelty and variety, and most women in uncommitted relationships are going to be fucking around anyway, a guy should think about some of these strategies as a way of achieving better output for less work while also retaining the girl better.

It’s also surprising to me that more players haven’t figured this out. Maybe I’m lazier than some players and like having some of the filtering work done for me, in advance.

Some players are driven by the ego-based thrill of accomplishment, which is also fine, and that ego-thrill makes them chase one-night stands.

One other intersting thing: in couple-to-couple dating online, it is very useful to have an array of sex pics and short videos available. They’re a system of “proof” of sorts. In normal online dating, sending a single chick a sex pic or video will immediately end the interaction. In couple-to-couple dating, it is more common and gets closer to “proof” that the guy is desired by other women. I do this part very well. There are single guys who are just seeking dirty pics, so they have to be avoided, but the picture-proof is there.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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