The beta is strong in this one

I don’t love the terms “alpha male” and “beta male,” but sometimes they just fit too well to ignore, like in the sex diary about “The New Mom Feeling Nostalgic for Her Lap-Dancing Days.” This woman is married to a beta male and has a toddler, though it’s not clear whether the baby is actually her husband’s:

Damn, I lived it up.

I was pursuing musical theater in New York. I was hot. I was a dancer and top earner at a members-only traveling lap-dance party. C would visit me. He’d get hard watching me dance topless, legs spread, reverse-cowgirl style, closer and closer to the eyes of a well-dressed Wall Street exec. C would follow my ass, and we’d lock eyes as I simultaneously led another finance dude to “get comfortable.” Well, those days are gone.

Most guys should be smart enough to know not to get in serious relationships with sex workers. This one seems not to know that.

Today is the day C works from home and I get to see J, my Sugar Daddy. I busted my ass in class today; I’m going to look hot.

J is somewhat new. We’ve been fucking once a week for three months. He gives me an allowance of $3,000 per month. I’m saving it all to go to nursing school. Plus, we’re planning on moving in a month, out of my mom’s house. We need all the money we can get right now. We never intended to be here for more than a couple months. C knows about J — he gets off on the idea of another guy jerking off to me on the regular.

This guy is working and taking care of a baby, so that his wife can go f**k another guy for cash? No way.

And this other guy is paying an older woman who’s already had a kid $3,000 a month for sex? WTF? Even in Silicon Valley, he should be able to get much better value for his money. Unlike some Red Pill guys, I’m not opposed to paying for it (in the right circumstances), but $750 per lay with an older woman is crazy.

If guys are wondering why a lot of women are outrageously entitled, look no further.

I’m an only child, and my parents are divorced. I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my dad, but my mom always supported me in theater. I went to a private Catholic high school

Bad relationship with the father… into theater… the red flags as far as long-term relationships go just pile up.

She looking at yet another guy to f**k for money, too.

I believe that, in the course of seven days, she f**ks one guy for cash, goes on a date for another, and never manages to lay her husband:

C is pining for a blow job. I offer sex — that’s my test. If he rejects sex, I know he’s just lazy and wants to come effortlessly. Sorry, C, no can do. I’m just as lazy and tired as you are right now. C masturbates. I like to listen by the door. I am a closet voyeur. I love the idea of watching a guy totally uninhibited, unaware that he’s being watched. It turns me on the most.

She’ll get it up for the guy paying, but not for the man she lives with and she’s married to. Diagnosis for husband: Beta.

My only hope is that the story is fantasy, not reality. From a man’s perspective, the whole story is “what not to do.”

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on “The beta is strong in this one”

    1. Theater girls:

      1. Love performing.

      2. Crave the adulation of strangers.

      3. Are open to experience and sensation in a way that makes them unlikely to be monogamous or even loyal.

      For flings and non-monogamous relationships, I think theater girls are excellent. For anything substantial, they are a liability.


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