Who I write for and why you need to blog

Search engines are third-most-common referrer for this blog. Those readers, who stumble on here randomly, may be the most valuable, because this blog may be their route out of the matrix. I may write for them more than for anyone else. Many of the guys who find there way here through other means already understand the Red Pill and how male sexual strategy works. But do guys from search engines see the matrix? Probably not.

Those thousands of people are also the reason you, dear reader, should be writing a blog, rather than Twitter or an email newsletter. Twitter is fine, your email newsletter is fine… but if you want to get the word out, there is no substitute for search engines finding you. Blogs are exposed to search engines in ways other social media platforms are not.

Help other men leave the matrix and perceive reality. Write a blog.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on “Who I write for and why you need to blog”

  1. I am tempted, Red.

    I recently left my son to live with his mother four hours from where I live … and as I drove back home, grieving at the thought of losing from my daily life, the words of Jim Carrey came to mind about his father: “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you may as well take a chance at doing what you love.”

    I spent the rest of the drive listening to podcasts about pickup. When I arrived home I ended a de facto monogamous relationship with a woman I love, started a lifting/fitness routine, quit sugar completely (was almost there) and started following the path of a non-monogamous casual lover.

    Early results came in – three new lays in five days, then five more new leads however no new lays and a lot of blue balls. Female psychology crystallized for me – the yes girls, the time wasters, the wholesome good girls who are really bad, and the attention seekers. I had a woman stay over who didn’t want sex and I friend zoned quickly, another who received a sensual massage and flaked at the point of sex then threw loads of drama at me when I told her to leave, others who wanted three dates or more to get to sex and then balked when I rejected them, still others who balked when they were cut when they didn’t want to come to mine.

    The game is real, the stakes are high, and I enjoy this much more than the passive acceptance of sexual and relationship circumstances men put themselves in. I see my ex sink into mediocrity, falling pregnant while on the Pill, and with a Beta she really despises.

    I see women clearly now – often sexually forward and aggressive, sometimes duplicitous, prone to cheating (and for us to be on the right side of cheating) and definitely solipsistic when Game and Red Pill truths are put to them. Like you I’m only after deep sex, avoidance of monogamy, fitness maintenance for a man in his late thirties, and acutely aware of the addictive nature of affection.

    Tom Torero, Goldmund, Krauser and Days of Game’s work has been great – and yours.

    I’m glad I came across your work. Stay Red.


    1. If you’re actively gaming, I think starting a game blog is great, and a useful way to work out your own ideas. It’s also a useful way to help other people.

      Whether you do it also depends on whether you have some inclination towards writing. If you have zero inclination towards writing, a game or RP blog may be less useful.

      The stakes are high. They are also real. There is no “right” path. I think a lot of humans are variable. We go through intensely promiscuous phases and sometimes less promiscuous phases. I may be headed towards the latter… I am not sure right now.

      I do think guys need the basic game toolkit and a lot of experience around a lot of different women, before any individual guy can make up his mind about what to do and how to do it. Most guys have neither, and it f**ks their ability to live a good life. Which I think I have done, for the most part.


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