Roy Walker lays long lead

Roy Walker lays a long lead in this one. A nice story about how long game works and about how it’s almost never a good idea to burn old leads. Chicks are random and mercurial. I wish that, when I was younger, I’d understood how random they can be, as I’d sometimes lose patients and burn leads. Since then I have learned to chill out, and I have also experimented with techniques like the one mentioned in “Snapchat in Game.”

Addition: Roy himself says this is not a real long lead, and that is correct. I shouldn’t have depicted it as such.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Roy Walker lays long lead”

  1. For the record, I rarely bother with long leads. This one was purely down to chance that we bumped into each other again. I still burn plenty of leads, especially if I do not live in the city i.e. there on a euro jaunt with only X number of days to pull.


  2. It’s a balancing act between keeping leads open (which can require tracking and pings over time) and burning leads a la Tom Torero’s “royal flush”.

    I burnt two leads recently – three dates no progress. Clumsy, amateur approach from me though – it’s like the tease turns into frustration and then, like a little kid when the tease goes on for too long, I start to cry!

    Some leads drain on the conscience though and need to be burnt – especially when the girl drip feeds pings of dopamine via text or sext in the vain hope of hooking up.


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