“The Suburban Mom Thinking About Cheating on Her Husband”

I have a theory: when women can write anonymously, their writing is much more likely to reflect Red Pill principles than when they write under their own names. “The Suburban Mom Thinking About Cheating on Her Husband” is a sex diary and case in point. Like when the writer says, “His name is Tyler, he plays and coaches ice-hockey, and he has two sisters and a brother. It’s not like I’m interested in him in any serious way — I just want to fuck someone new.” And that desire is likely to be indulged at some point. She also claims to have “anxiety,” like 3/4 of women today.

She also admits to cheating on her husband:

She is one of the few people who knows that I cheated on my husband when we were first married. This was back when we lived in New Jersey. I was a new mom, feeling neglected and underappreciated, and what started out as a friendship turned into a hot and heavy affair that lasted an entire summer.

Is kid #2 his? He probably doesn’t want to know. For players, however, this story is useful because it reminds us to give the married chicks a shot. You never know who’s bored until you try.

Sometimes my husband makes my anxiety worse. He just doesn’t know how to handle me. And I know, I am a lot to handle. I get away with it because I’m a hot, skinny blonde who likes to have sex a lot.

The only surprise here is that she admits to her own privilege.

Still, if I were away for a girls’ trip and some hot guy were hitting on me in a bar, I seriously doubt I would say no.

This is why smart guys do not marry chicks who want to do “girls night” and “girls trips.” That’s code for, “it doesn’t count.

She does cook dinners, so that’s something.

This woman and her husband have been together too long and cohabited too closely. This image is just gross: “By the time I open my eyes he’s already in the bathroom doing his morning routine of pooping and showering” and it’s emblematic of what goes wrong, often, in living together.

Looking at the number of “too close to each other” couples, I thinks separate rooms should be more  of a thing. Mystery helps keep the erotic spark alive.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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