Age and players

A while ago Nash wrote,

>>Even if I never again crack open the thighs of a teenage girl, I think I will fuck many more young-20s girls (I’ve fucked a few already in 2018).

Nailing a teenage girl is great for the ego and psychology of an older guy but otherwise overrated (in my view). Ego and psychology boost are great, of course. On average, though, teens are flightier, more boring, and more anxious than girls who are even 20 or 21 and a bit more used to the world of normal sexual interaction and male attention. To be sure, some late teens are psychologically adult. Fewer, it seems, in this generation than in previous ones. It looks like too much time on the phone has stunted the social and psychological development of many teens.

If you’re going to nail chicks that young it is also probably a good idea to hang out near universities. There literally aren’t that many 17 – 19 year old girls around (I list “17” depending on age of consent in a guy’s state/country), so if a guy really wants to go that route, it helps to go where they are.

In my own life, I don’t notice the differences between hot 19 and 23 year olds, and I don’t have so much skirt on hand that I spend a lot of time thinking about the gap. Is she hot? Then I try to bang her. I don’t target tightly by age.

The real important question for a guy in his 40s is about his life. Does he have kids already? Want them? If he wants them, preferably with a sane woman, that should be in the background of his mind. He can easily master the daygame skillset, then have kids, but reality is what it is and a guy’s options for kids will narrow somewhat as he gets older.

I just read, “One of the most important life lessons: if you have no children, the last third of your life will be filled with increasing death. If you have children, the last of your life will be filled with increasing life. Choose wisely.” Most 50+ guys don’t seem to be most obsessed with clacking skirt… they seem most interested in their families. This is not the “last word,” and I’m not and never will be a guy to announce that chasing skirt is somehow meaningless.

Priorities do change. I have seen lots of guys who fucked off in their 20s and 30s suffer for it age 35+, when they have no good jobs, no good community, and few good options. Maybe age 18 – 28 was a wild ride, but then things suck. Some guys who are age 40 may be doing that to themselves. By age 55 or 60 they may want the family they were too busy to have. Will they be 60 and still chasing skirt? Could be.

I think a lot of guys need to get the skirt-chasing out of the way. I’d guess that means a minimum of 30 bangs, maybe 50. At some point diminishing returns likely kick in.

I can’t speak for all guys. Every guy’s situation is different. I’m merely trying to think things through.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

7 thoughts on “Age and players”

  1. I’d say the key thing for players (and all men) over 40 is to have a strong mission in life. Once you’ve achieved financial success and know how to maintain your freedom and your women life…what do you want to do with that freedom?

    The answer will be different for every man, but we each need to define this larger life purpose to avoid drifting after we achieve our goals (having made enough money and banged enough girls). At 44 I haven’t quite answered this for myself yet either…but I know defining this is the best way forward.

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    1. For a lot of men who get their financial and sexual lives in order, I think the next step is a family. Not for every guy. But the older you get, the more you realize life is finite and that passing it on matters.

      The older people I know with kids are almost universally happy about it, and the older people I know without them are almost universally unhappy about the lack of meaning and family in their lives.


  2. >Nailing a teenage girl is great for the ego and psychology of an olde guy but otherwise overrated (in my view)

    I got to date several in Shanghai. And I enjoyed them… for what they were. I have a good story coming about Baby Dragon…


    I would date Baby Dragon, and then, some other girl closer to 30 in the same day… the 30ish girls were more fun, so much less drama, and they were “sexually mature.” Not as “novel,” but overall, a better experience.

    I would still like to get a “teenage notch.” And I very much want a proper virgin (i have more than paid my dues there), but in general… girls 24-32 are at “prime value.” Not physiologically, but overall. And they match with me… as I am not prime age physiologically… but I am still ascending in terms of overall value.

    I am about to post about a 30ish girl I fucked in Shanghai (Miss Soft)… some of the best sex (on a purely mechanical level) I have had in a long time.


    1. >>the 30ish girls were more fun, so much less drama, and they were “sexually mature.” Not as “novel,” but overall, a better experience.

      This is also close to my experience. Girls 22 – 30 usually have enough experience to not be anxious or neurotic. Did you read the book iGen? Girls ages 18 – 20 today may be somewhat worse than girls that age 10 years ago. Smartphones and social media fuck them up, psychologically.

      I like Ms. Slav because she seems like a 25-year-old girl in a younger girl’s body.


      1. I hear what you guys are saying about the 22-30 year old girls. They’re a sweet spot in terms of being young, feminine, and low baggage – while still having a certain level of maturity and emotional connection with an older man.

        I have to say though there’s something about the 18-21 year olds that do it for me, that other age groups don’t. One part of it is the hormonal attraction and tighter bodies (I also find this age group has the nicest vaginal lubrication so sex feels better). But the better part is that I’ve sometimes achieved some deeper (but casual and open) relationships with the “let me introduce you to the ways of the world / Christian Grey” dynamic. Many of them crave it and actively seek this on some level. Maybe I like this dynamic as well because I’m mid-40’s and don’t have kids, but I’ve found it’s worth the hassle of dating 18-21 year olds to eventually find a smarter girl in that age range who also wants that dynamic.

        That all said my experience has been that the best situation is to have one MLTR in the 22-30 range and 1-2 MLTR’s in the 18-21 range. Not always possible, but that’s been the best balance I’ve had when I’ve had it.


  3. > Most 50+ guys don’t seem to be most obsessed with clacking skirt…

    I think having roots/community/family can’t be brushed aside. I want some of that for me (even as I continue to focus on being a player)….

    But “most 50+ guys” CANNOT successful clack. They don’t… because they cannot, not because they wouldn’t like to. So… that’s not a stat that means much to me.

    Men in this community… oughtn’t compare themselves much to “most 50+ guys.”

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    1. A good point. Even the 50+ guys I know who seem like they can, however, don’t seem so into it. My own desire for novelty has declined a bit over time. Maybe I am unfairly projecting my own feelings onto others.

      Family seems to get more important, the older you are. This is useful for guys to know, because guys age 40 – 50 can start a family with a woman in her 30s. Women who decide they want a family at age 39 or 40 have a tougher haul.


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