Sin City as a temporary escape

In a couple days I’m leaving for Vegas, partly for work and partly to see family, and I’m actually looking forward to the respite from Ms. Slav, Peaches, Ms. Slav’s hot young friend, and the other things I’ve been up to. I feel like I need to keep up with Ms. Slav as best I can, which is not sufficient. Normal people go to Vegas to party, but it seems I am going to recuperate.

As a city for pickup artists, Vegas seems interesting, being far less expensive than California, New York, or Chicago, but also having many tourists who allow the waters to constantly be replenished. I’ve also heard good things about sex clubs there, but I don’t have the experience to comment on them.

Artists thrive in cities with low rents. Many guys in big cities like New York are going to be forced to work very hard to survive and pay rent, forcing them to spend less time on the hunt. For some that is okay (I have prioritized career over the game, to an extent), but for some guys it is not a good lifestyle decision. Does Vegas offer low rent with a target-rich environment? It seems like it might.

I considered attempting to bring Ms. Slav with me on this trip, but I need the break. At home, I feel like I’m in a tornado. If I stop, though, I feel like the whole thing will breakdown. Maybe I need that breakdown, in order to find out where I need to go next. I read a cool post from Troy Francis, “Game Is No Longer Dirty Enough,” and that is probably true for most guys. For me, game has been plenty dirty. But I feel like I’ve had an ingrained set of responses around chasing women for sex, and while that’s been fantastic, I too often feel like a machine doing it because that’s how I’ve oriented my life. Where is the alternative, though?

The Friendship That Made Google Huge” is a story about two men who, together, have produced a staggering amount of value for humanity. Thousands of times more value than I have. They have gotten laid far less than me, of course, but I admire those kinds of accomplishments more than I used to. I don’t want to be those guys (they probably don’t want to be me), but I have been thinking about what value to humanity more than I used to.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on “Sin City as a temporary escape”

  1. What is cheap rent for you? I guess I’m really out of touch with the cost of living in US, but it didn’t look very cheap for me.


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