Hollywood knows exactly what to “do” with childless women

A head-in-the-sand feminist writes, “Hollywood Still Doesn’t Know What to Make of Childless Women.” But that’s not true: Hollywood reflects a lot of society and biology. Older women out of their child-bearing years are of no interest to men, who like younger and fertile women. Younger women aren’t interested in older women except insofar as they’re a warning about what not to do. Older women who have children are focused on their children and families, not on spinsters, who they pity. The audience for movies about childless women is very small.

We all reap what we sow. The writer, Megan Garber, is an overweight woman struggling to make a living writing for a content mill. She’s heading towards spinsterhood, so her interest in the spinster issue makes sense, but it’s a plea pushing against millions of years of evolved preferences. Good luck with that.

Why don’t we ever see articles imploring beautiful women to mate with low-status men? Cause women don’t want to mate with low-status men, and high-status men would find those storylines implausibly ridiculous. The only people who care about what low-status men think are other low-status men.

Older women derive meaning from their families. Those without families usually bitterly regret not having them. The rest of those women are in denial.

Younger women are the key to the future of the race and species, and they also bear the brunt of the costs of reproduction, including the costs of having a child by a poor-quality man. The costs of bearing and raising a child is why parents are obsessed with their daughters’ sex lives. Older women matter to the extent they have control over their extended families (most don’t). In modern society, hot young chicks are free agents, largely unconstrained by their parents’ wishes and desires. Thus, why would anyone care about childless older women? Answer: they don’t, much as few people care about low-status males. Biology drives art.

Yet we never see articles about how “Hollywood doesn’t know what to make of low-status males.” Low-status males aren’t sexually exciting to women and they aren’t an example of how to live your life to men. The only really exciting story is a secretly high-status man who starts off low-status and then becomes a hero. For a menopausal woman, there is no means to becoming high status. It’s over for her, unless she has a family, and then her purpose is her family.

The tragedy of millions of spinsters is real, but rarely foregrounded in the media. They suffer quietly, or one sees articles as ignorant as Garber’s. The interesting part of a spinster’s story is always in her youth; the tragedy is that she didn’t manage to build a meaningful life then. The spinster is an example of what not to do, and how not to live.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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