“The Married Woman Who’s Been Cheating for 6 Years”

The Married Woman Who’s Been Cheating for 6 Years.”

Like I’ve said, don’t get married. The risk-reward ratio is way out of whack. Notice that she’s trying to conceive while at the same time having an affair.

I’ve written this before, but there is a real chance that a woman I met at a business conference years ago may have had my kid, in a situation not too far off from this one. The timing matches up. Could easily be her husband’s. Or some other guy’s, for all I know.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““The Married Woman Who’s Been Cheating for 6 Years””

  1. Women’s Infidelity by Michelle Langley is a good read.
    “Is infidelity women’s best kept secret? Given that women initiate approximately 70 to 75 percent of all divorces, is this secret the catalyst that prompts them to pursue separations and divorces, many under the guise of “searching for self?” How many women who have had affairs were happily married prior to their affairs?
    Are men being divorced by their wives without ever knowing about their wives’ extramarital relationships? Women’s Infidelity discusses these and other wide-ranging, but interrelated, topics that help explain the difficulty women have with marriage and long-term fidelity.
    Women’s Infidelity also discusses society’s continuing fear of women’s sexuality as well as the myth that women are naturally monogamous and not inclined to desire multiple sexual partners.”

    She wrote a follow-up book that was equally revelatory, but I don’t remember the title.

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    1. Female infidelity is of great interest to players, but it’s also harder to get chicks to cheat than most guys think. I know because I’ve tried it, many times. It’s not impossible but depends a lot on circumstances.

      There are a LOT of chicks in unhappy relationships, but who lack the character and fortitude to leave the relationship. Definitely fun to try to find those chicks.


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