“Thousands of dads are left in shock as DIY paternity tests soar”

Thousands of dads are left in shock as DIY paternity tests soar.”

DNA testing should be a mandatory part of the birth process. That it isn’t, tells us much.

Also, don’t get married.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

8 thoughts on ““Thousands of dads are left in shock as DIY paternity tests soar””

  1. I suspect human society is somewhat like a bee colony in terms of who reproduces and passes their genes along.

    “Beta” males are the worker bees
    “Alpha” mars are the drones who spend their lives mating
    Fertile females are the queen bees that society (the hive) revolves around

    Not a perfect analogy but it’s something like that

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    1. I have seen many studies around this, and this is one: https://www.nature.com/articles/hdy201536. It appears to be pretty low. But even 1% is bad. I support finding out for sure via DNA tests, though, and that way everyone is on the same page.

      I also like framing it as “children’s rights.” Children have the right to know their biological father. That framing could stand up in the larger world. Framing it as “men’s rights” will always fail.


  2. > In some US states, concern over this has led to a recent ban on DIY home DNA testing, with all tests now having to be ordered by a doctor or court official and conducted under their supervision.

    This ^ is runaway BS.

    But I will say… what is the outcome of a test like this? Personally, it would be hard not to want revenge on the woman.

    I am not married, no kids, but as men learn the kids are not their’s… what next? If the kid is older, and you have good relationship, do you ditch the kid??? Do you even tell ’em?

    Part of me thinks this should be treated like the fraud it is, and she should be liable for civil charges, fines and a criminal record. It is the coldest of crimes. It would be hard not hate a woman for this (but I can see how some men could be so into the bond with the kid, they didn’t care, and could forgive her, or dismiss her without hate).

    But then, if you punish these women… you have even more dysfunctional mothers, in worse economic circumstance, with more kids in fucked up homes.

    “Cucking” at this level is such a brutal crime. But the men that have raised those kids have done civilization a tremendous service. In the “beehive” sense, it’s better that the men do not know. And I bet there have been some great father/kid relationships and some happiness on the backend of such betrayal.


    1. DNA tests are best done early on. If a man learns the child is not his, he exits. That’s all he can do. If DNA tests were a mandatory, standard part of birth, we’d also have a disincentive towards cuckoldry.

      Good luck making that happen, though.


  3. > Paternity tests were banned in France 15 years ago. If French customs intercept DNA samples or results in the mail, the perpetrators in theory risk up to a year in prison and a €15,000 fine.

    I can’t believe this is true… that, as a man, you’re not even allowed to know.

    > the intent of lawmakers was to preserve “the peace of families”.

    Which is of course based on the man’s ignorance, not the sexual habits of the woman.

    > France’s junior minister for the family, says foreign tests are not reliable and warns against “the psychological impact of results”. She has spoken of the danger that “If all fathers start asking whether they’re really the fathers of their children, we enter into a society of doubt that imperils the family.”

    ^ Beehive.

    > Mater certissima, pater semper incertus (motherhood is certain, the father is always uncertain) said ancient Roman law.

    Nothing has ever changed.


    How cunty to call it “insecurity.” In some ways, it is exactly that… but that is a loaded term, for “caution” against a very old crime that women have perpetrated against men.

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    1. This is the “feminine imperative” guys like Rollo are always complaining about. I think it’s another way to describe my “hive” analogy – where society is organized to support the reproductive females at the expense of all other individuals.

      It “is what it is” and won’t every change. I’m not sure it would be healthy for society in aggregate if it did change.

      But there are injustices in our current society in the West, and we as men need to know how to protect ourselves. The two big ones I think we agree on:

      1. don’t get legally married (I’ve felt first hand how biased against men the US divorce process is – it helped wake me up)

      2. if any woman claims you’re the father of her child – get a paternity test immediately

      I think there’s more we can do to protect ourselves such as having international asset protection strategies we could discuss offline.

      But I for one will absolutely abide by the two points above and advise any man I know to do the same.


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