“The Woman Worried She’ll Never Meet Her Polyamorous Boyfriend’s Parents”

The Woman Worried She’ll Never Meet Her Polyamorous Boyfriend’s Parents” might be an example of a guy doing polyamory from the superior position. He’s f**king at least two women. The one writing the story is deeply into him. She seems to be retained without too much work on his end. Without the polyamorous frame, she would probably not be f**king him as regularly or easily.

I don’t want to make too much of this story because, without knowing more about the looks of everyone involved, and other aspects of the guy’s situation, he could be acting from a pretty inferior position. Based on the information provided, though, he seems to have at least two chicks well inside his frame.

More women are being psychologically prepped for open relationships by articles like this. Guys should be considering whether they want to present this kind of frame.

Any man reading this should be aware of the fundamentals of non-monogamy. Maybe he’ll never want to use those skills, but he should have them. In today’s world, women are instinctively non-monogamous and hypergamous, and most men aren’t ready for this reality. I am. You should be.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““The Woman Worried She’ll Never Meet Her Polyamorous Boyfriend’s Parents””

  1. I’d agree he seems to be doing it right, from a position of strength. The chick who wrote this thinks about him constantly, he fucks her good, and she knows he’s unavailable.

    This is what a woman needs to feel she is “mating up”. She needs to be excited for him and thinking about him when he’s not around.


    1. That’s how it seems to me. Without knowing more about them, though, it’s difficult to say what’s going on. I could be in a position of incredible strength if I wanted to consistently date girls who are -2 or -3 relative to me. Trick is getting girls at my level. And to raise my own level. If I’m seeking hot chicks 18 – 30… that’s a different experience than getting overweight, older chicks.

      It’s an amazing thing when a chick is with me and she clearly thinks I’m +1 or +2 relative to her. Her admiration and pleasure are just so intense.


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