“The Intern Who Doesn’t Have Time for Real Dates”

The Intern Who Doesn’t Have Time for Real Dates” is a story about a dumb girl, one who is trying to get a job in a dying industry, or an industry shrinking, if not to the point of death, then substantially along the way towards death. Real journalist use Substack. How’s she going to make it? By subsidizing her earrings with sex work. Smart girls, they do not try to become journalists, “I just graduated from college and moved to New York for an editorial internship. It’s my dream magazine internship, but I landed it just a little too late. Student loans are going to kick in soon. I need a real job. And a sugar daddy” Smart girls don’t try this in 2018. Or 2019. Smart girls get jobs in real industries.

So she is being a sex worker. For the player, I see this,

I make plans to meet up with another guy from Seeking Arrangement on Wednesday after work. JP is young, only 36, which makes me nervous. I don’t trust the ones under 40. They usually try to just use the app like Tinder. But JP agrees to $600 per meet, which seems to be the going rate.

as interesting. Does Seeking Arrangements (SA) work like Tinder? I would have assumed, “No.” Can any players report back on whether SA can be used as a non-prostitution dating platform?

Also, $600 per meet seems crazy. Are guys willing to pay so much?

She is simultaneously doing regular online dating and sex work. Is this normal, now? I think not. I could be wrong. I think there is something wrong with this girl,

M gives me $700 in cash. Before I leave he asks if I want a hug. To my surprise, I do. He is still fully naked, but there is nothing sexual in his embrace. Hugging this stranger, crying, I realize I don’t remember the last time I was held.

Guys should hold the chick after sex, in my view, even for one-nighters. Most chicks need it. It will be a better experience for both of you, if you do this, even if you’re tired, even if you’re not that into the chick. Try to create win-win, and try to win and help win.

(If she is mean, cruel, or something else seriously wrong with her… a guy doesn’t need to do this… but it’s a good idea to figure that out BEFORE you f**k her.)

This chick is likely going to need to make some serious life alterations. A girl with a messed-up work life typically has a mess-up real life too, past a certain age, anyway. She’s 21, so wanting to be in media is okay because she is so young. By 24/25, though, she should be in a more intelligent job situation:

News of media-industry layoffs keeps breaking. The reality that I am taking massive risks to enter an industry that regularly fucks over even established, talented professionals is getting harder to ignore.

That, honey, is the sound of the market telling you to go get another job. Doesn’t matter how much you want this one. Are you willing to listen? People who don’t listen to the market, suffer. Life is full of suffering, and pointless suffering so you can become a “journalist” (a fake profession today, mostly) is dumb.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

11 thoughts on ““The Intern Who Doesn’t Have Time for Real Dates””

  1. Sounds like a woman with broken wings. In the words of Gregory Porter:

    “A bird that flew into my window
    Simply lost her way
    She broke her wings
    I helped them heal
    And then she flew away…”

    I went on Seeking Arrangements (SA) and was hit up by lots of women, most of whom ask for the financial arrangements in advance. A guy has to have a strong Frame (ultra strong I your words) to resist it and still get the girl. I saw a bunch of young girls looking for a no-frills older guy experience as well as low-altitude flying women with little drive to succeed intent on leeching off a Beta Guy.

    Two mates – one a colleague, the other a friend – have both had success on SA. My colleague offers an upfront gambit of cash, my friend dinner and drinks. Both of them end up paying running costs of outings only with the strategy of running Game once they meet these women. They call it Game on Easy mode.

    I wrote about here:


    For me I would prefer to build the skillset of cold approach and pickup/seduction than rush to the prize and gain no skills.

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  2. OK, so one player trying to help out another–a guy named B Rob wrote a book called Salty (https://www.amazon.com/Salty-Shocking-Excursion-World-Dating-ebook/dp/B07KGMDM25) about using apps like this to meet women. No, that is not me–like I said, just aware of the literature and trying to share/help the guy out.
    Anyway, I feel bad for all involved. For one, as a guy–if you’re making good money and in decent shape (I fully agree with all you’ve said about avoiding sugar–I like Keto), all you need is some rudimentary game to get laid for the usual costs of dating (drinks, maybe dinner, or maybe she’s cool and splits with you).
    But I feel even worse for the girl. Let’s be clear: this is prostitution. Now, I’m not opposed to prostitution per se, but it has to be somewhat soul sucking to be doing this to survive unless it’s explicitly what you want to do. There’s a great podcast by Tim Ferriss where he interviews Alice Little–the world’s most successful prostitute–about what she does and she totally owns it. Good on her. However, I imagine that for girls who don’t want to explicitly sell their body for money, it’s dehumanizing. Anyone who’s spent anytime around strippers knows this–over time, they grow to resent men and hate themselves, because they realize they’re beholden to men to provide for them, and yet, the window is always closing and there’s an expiration date to how long they can milk that cow. And, when they’re done, no one who knows what they’ve done will ever want to marry them.
    You guys marrying a stripper, prostitute, or sugar app starlet? Right.

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    1. > Anyway, I feel bad for all involved

      Agreed. Less so for prostitution (which is straightfwd and is what is pretends to be) than for Seeking Arrangements… which is “game-ier” at every level.

      And the idea that guys try to get past the heart of the concept, and hustle girls that are trying to hustle them… ehhh. A world I do not what to know. The whole thing has the slimiest “karma” to it. I can’t imagine having sex via that route (not paying girls that are explicit that they expect men to pay them) as anything satisfying. I can see guys claiming some kind of skill here… but they have sacrificed so much in other ways as I see it.

      I am into pickup and seduction, I am not traditional, but I am way too square for that world.

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    2. >> There’s a great podcast by Tim Ferriss where he interviews Alice Little–the world’s most successful prostitute–about what she does and she totally owns it. Good on her

      I heard that interview recently and have been thinking about writing about it.

      This woman is also trying to get a job in a dehumanizing glamor industry. Big mistake. If you go into one of those industries, you are trading money for (fake) status.

      I too am not opposed to prostitution, but I also prefer it be done honestly, as opposed to semi-dishonestly, like this woman; if you cannot truly accept for yourself what you are doing, perhaps you should not be doing it.


  3. > Before I leave he asks if I want a hug. To my surprise, I do. He is still fully naked, but there is nothing sexual in his embrace. Hugging this stranger, crying, I realize I don’t remember the last time I was held.

    And THIS ^ is the most poignant thing I have read in a long time. This is so real. This is a rare look at a girl being honest, and her reacting to a situation in honest way… as situation that doesn’t come up often enough.

    > Guys should hold the chick after sex, in my view. Even for one-nighters. Most chicks need it. It will be a better experience for both of you, if you do this, even if you’re tired, even if you’re not that into the chick.

    Mr RedQuest. I consider you a friend. And a man I respect on many levels… a world-class seducer. And I like you more for having said this.

    There is something so big and generous about your point of view here. This is what I would call “patriarchal.” The care, yes… but the insight, and the intention to deliver that care.. “even if you’re not that into the chick.”

    I am in the middle of a personal story that is very much exactly all this… she just left me an hour ago. She may be (in fact) a “broken winged bird,” but it has been a surprisingly beautiful experience to both seduce her AND to show her the care she obviously needs.

    That quote helped me build some meaning around what is going on with this girl and I.

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    1. In the RP and seduction communities, I get the sense that some guys (maybe most?) are kind of cold/damaged. They’ve failed too many times and are seeking revenge, or seeking to “get a free one” off chicks. Or to get a chick in the inferior position, so that HE has the power (for once) and will get to feel what it’s like to have arbitrary power over another person. None of those are good primary frames, in my view, even if they can be attractive at times.

      I actually try to cultivate kindness… BUT not being “nice” or weak. I’m very keen on reciprocity as a fundamental part of the human experience, and I’m cagey about people trying to steal value. I don’t think I’m “nice.” I will be very angry if someone tries to use me, or get one over on me, although in the modern world that means “withdraw attention” is usually the only option.

      BUT. We are also stuck on this planet together, and I would like to make the world a better place. I really do believe game makes the world a better place, as chicks want to be seduced by competent guys and of course guys want to seduce hot chicks. There are some ways that our biologies have caused incentives to be mismatched between guys and chicks. To fail to acknowledge that would be stupid. Within that context, however, I try to create “win-win” wherever possible, while also acknowledging that, of course, sometimes it is not possible to do “win-win.” I try to find chicks who want to do the same thing. I want to win and help win, https://winandhelpwin.com

      “Win-win” means trying to make sure the chick has the opportunity to get off. It means holding her after. Even in group sex situations, it is common to hold the chick after… she has had an intense experience, and needs to be helped down from it. It means that I usually have some food around, so we can have a snack. Most chicks are too dumb or self-centered to do these things, but some are self-aware enough to do them. A lot of chicks report most guys are not doing this stuff. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s a factor of chicks trying to get guys +1 or +2 SMV compared to them, and then they get what they give.

      I don’t like the view, even if it’s purely psychological, that the goal of seduction is to get one over on the chick, or to punish the chick for all the times a chick has been a bitch to the guy. A guy should protect his value from chicks (or anyone) who will take it… but he should also try to be generous where and when possible. Especially in low-cost, high-value situations. Like holding a chick after he’s f**ked her. Simple thing that will make her experience much better.

      Or invite chicks to the gym… to read a book he thinks is good… etc. It’s both good for the chick and also gives you information about her. A basic, lazy ignorant chick is probably only good for one thing, and she can be mentally put into that one-thing bucket. A highly responsive chick might be good for other things. When you find a chick who also wants to make the world a better place, that is valuable information. When you find a chick who wants to wants to watch TV, eat junk food, and complain… that is also valuable information. Obviously there are many gradations between the two.

      Many guys, I sense, never get to the stage where they are seriously evaluating the chick, and discarding the chicks who aren’t any good. So if they struggle and struggle, then get to the stage where they have choice… they are sometimes tempted to be mean to the chick. Experienced guys learn that is very rarely good. Most of the time, simple disconnection is the right response to mean, bad, lazy, or stupid chicks. Trying to be mean in return… is rarely a good idea. Sometimes it might be. But very rarely.

      Nothing is perfect, and I have misjudged chicks and situations before. But I still want my basic frame and mode of being in the world to be positive and to be building new and good things. That can be executed in many different ways… with a chick you’ve just f**ked, though, it usually means you should hold her after. People want to connect with each other. In some ways, we have a very “cold” society in which we’re heavily disconnected. I like game because it creates the connections people yearn for but often don’t know how to make for themselves, anymore.

      Enough ramble… I could keep going. I think the basic idea is here, though.

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      1. So this is how you found the inspiration for some of your posts… it was through replying to comments that led you to talk about them. I remember I just read the post this comment spawned within the past couple weeks, but hadn’t looked at the inspiration for it until now by accident. The internet is truly a strange place, where we occasionally come full circle.

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      2. @NightRoller

        Inspiration is everywhere, but most of all it is to be found in real life… the guys who live rich, real-life lives have much of value to say about game and life. The guys who spend too much time online, living fake lives, usually don’t.

        The more real-world experience you have, the more you will have to say.

        The more real-world experience you have, the less time you will devote to trolls, haters, the ignorant, etc.


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