Updated the book with proper headers

I looked at the book so many times before I published it that I didn’t realize none of the headers appeared. I’ve now fixed it, so the text should flow better due to the headers being included. There are some other minor fixes and clarifications as well. If you have a previous version, you should delete it and take up the new version.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on “Updated the book with proper headers”

  1. Thank you for the book, The Red Quest. After a quick glance I don’t think I will have the chance to apply it directly (since I live in a small, peripheral European town and have little game), but I always enjoy your descriptions of female behaviour and general experiences. Cheers.


      1. Probably so. I have lived in large cities for several months and there are always events/parties going on somewhere; the problem is that I just don’t like big urban areas that much. And yes, in a smaller city any day-gamer will stick out quite fast, and not for good. It is one of the reasons I stopped reading so much manosphere stuff, since I did not have much of a venue to put it in practice (culturally it is also very American-oriented, and some of the advice does not make sense here)

        My big problem is that my overall personality is quite comfy and not very social. For instance (and this has to be sacrilegious in the manosphere) I enjoy living with my folks and having my stuff neatly organized instead of hopping around paying rent with a few scant possessions.

        I have also been taking anti-depressants for a while, which worked reasonably well but as a side effect my libido is quite small at the moment. I want to have sex but more out of wanting the experience than a real physical drive.

        Anyways, I have learned many interesting things about female psychology, and I always liked your posts because they sound very believable. I am glad that you keep blogging.


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