Low-cut top girl asks if I am a “fuckboy”

Got a text the day after our last session from Low-cut top girl saying, “Hey, I have to ask you this are you a fuckboy?” For context, I had sent her my typical “Good seeing you yesterday” text, and she replied saying she had a great time, then a couple hours later she sent that text. I laughed out loud when I read it and decided to ignore it for about 24 hours, in keeping with typical texting practice that focuses on logistics and retaining my own ability to concentrate.

I replied to her “I don’t know what that means.” In the same text, I invited her over, offering dates and times (covering logistics). She resisted at first saying that it’s important for her to know, and I said I’m not a big texting person and that we can talk in person. She agreed. In person I can gently probe what she means. I pretty much know… and that’s okay. I think I’m going to talk more about being sex positive and invite her to a club. I have lost chicks at points like this… while the seduction community is full of good responses to accusations of being a player, in reality girls who are mentally healthy and want a significant, one-on-one relationship are not going to hang around very long with a guy who isn’t going to give it to her.

You can increase the probability of retaining her with a good response, and I have a bunch, but you cannot guarantee it. I may be too indifferent with this one… I have a lot going on at the moment, more than I really want/need, so that makes it easy to be blasé, which is another word for “abundance mentality.” It’s also interesting that girls like the term “fuckboy” more than “player” now. I think.

This kind of conversation has gone both ways for me. I can tell Low-cut top girl is extremely interested because of how much she texts me, and she seems bothered that I don’t reply immediately most of the time. Attention is the only tool men have and I gave her a copy of Deep Work. She seemed to think that being given a book is weird. She seems to be continually thrown off balance by me. She also seems super basic, and to have had her one big relationship with a super basic guy. I still wish she were just a little bit hotter. She seems like a bad candidate for anything long term, as she is one of these girls who fancies herself as very intelligent when she is in fact not, and she seems to have had limited exposure to really intelligent people. It’s okay to not be that bright and understand that… it is bad to think you’re up there and not be. Being basic / average and owning that is fine… being basic / average and pretending you’re not, can be kind of annoying. I don’t say anything about that directly to her, as there’s no need, but I can feel it, and I think she can feel it. She has not read enough to know anything and hasn’t had nearly as much life experience as she thinks, so she is guided by her feelings and by random, anecdotal evidence, and mistakes that for wisdom. Not a super common set of characteristics, but I have seen it before.

The younger the girl, in my experience, the more desperately she wants rapid text replies, and the stranger she finds my texting habits. That’s okay with me, as I want to set frame appropriately and not be beholden to a flighty chick’s random notions and urges.

This post sounds more negative than it should. Low-cut top girl is mostly pleasant to be around and she obeys me sexually. I find her more entertaining than not, but I also know that girls who are entertaining because of their ignorance can become annoying for the same reason later. I feel like most of her challenges I have already seen from other girls, almost like she is just a Markov chain automated text generator spitting out typical female nonsense. Overall I am enjoying the sex with her, so I should probably shut up and enjoy the ride.

How do you avoid the Markov chain text generator feel? Learn a lot and try your best to think for yourself. Most chicks, unfortunately, do neither. Ms. Slav, does both pretty well, and that is part of the reason she is more interesting to be around than most chicks. Most guys don’t do this very well either… they select conversation topics from the fields SPORTS, WORK, or VIDEO GAMES. Or FAMILY, if they have one. Then they are surprised when chicks find them boring, or when other guys find them boring.

Overall, Low-cut top girl’s question at this stage is likely a form of comfort test, a subject that doesn’t get much play online because I think most guys never reach this stage.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

13 thoughts on “Low-cut top girl asks if I am a “fuckboy””

  1. Hey RedQuest, just found your blog. Read a few posts. Like it a lot, thanks for sharing your views with us.

    I am relatively new to game/self development. I was wondering if you could do a post on concrete actions a younger man could take in his 20’s to maximize his SMV? Thanks!


    1. Don’t think I’ve written a specific one, but just read the blog and you’ll get most of them. They’re actually about the same throughout the life cycle.

      1. Sports/lifting/stretching.

      2. Fashion (that post is around here).

      3. Make friends/social networking.

      4. Build skills / concentrate / develop unique skills that other people don’t have.

      5. Don’t waste time on the typical time-waster things.

      I have probably missed a few, but those are high-level things.

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      1. Thanks for the reply! Will get to work on it, and continue to read posts on the blog to gather actionable info.



      2. Cool. Real answer is to read more, practice more, internalize what you read, internalize what you practice, compare what you read to what you practice. Over time you will customize what you’ve learned and make it work for you, while discarding what parts don’t. No one has all the right answers, definitely including me.

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  2. Thanks for the real honest feedback! I have been in the space for a while now, and have been guilty of mental masturbation and not enough action, clearly need to do that more. Have been taking more action. So just got to give it time. Going through noobie hell where approaches dont lead to the bedroom…yet lol.

    Would you consider creating a list of books for self development/man building and game that impacted you the most? I am sure other guys who come by your blog might find it helpful too.

    Thanks once again for all the content!


    1. You bet. https://theredquest.wordpress.com/2017/12/02/the-best-books-for-learning-game/.

      Mental masturbation is really bad… do 5 – 10% reading, 90 – 95% practice. You will always learn more from real chicks than from reading keyboard jockeys like me.

      With a lot of this stuff, there is also not necessarily one magic right answer. The real world is wildly more diverse than Internet theories. Even chicks are more diverse than many guys writing from an RP / PUA / seduction lens portray.


  3. “I invited her over, offering dates and times (covering logistics). She resisted at first saying that it’s important for her to know, and I said I’m not a big texting person and that we can talk in person. She agreed. In person I can gently probe what she means…”

    So, now we’re all holding our breath here….
    How did it go??


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