“The DIY Divorce: How I got divorced without hiring a lawyer”

The DIY Divorce: How I got divorced without hiring a lawyer” is yet another “Don’t get married” article. Why would men sign up for such a terrible deal in the first place?

This woman also makes the mistakes of trying to make it in a media glamor industry (same problem as “The Intern Who Doesn’t Have Time for Real Dates”) and trying to live in one of the most expensive cities in the country and world. A chick who is actually family-oriented will move to Nashville, Dallas, Denver, or a similarly family-friendly city.

The only thing the guy in the story does sort-of right is marry someone who makes more money than him. The sad thing is that modern marriage incentivizes both persons in a couple to make LESS money, as then the other party will be forced to pay them money.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““The DIY Divorce: How I got divorced without hiring a lawyer””

  1. There’s no doubt marriage is a contract with all downside and no upside for men.

    I think the question is, if a man was inclined to have kids, what’s the best structure now in which to have them?

    Don’t know the answer to that but it’s key

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    1. I don’t know if there is a good structure on the personal level. Just have kids and hope is it, I think.

      The political structure is for kids to default to 50-50 custody, after the first year or two anyway, as happens in most of Europe, but feminists will hate that.


  2. I think your words are apt, RQ, when you talk about finding someone you like and having kids and co-parenting. It seems like a pretty simple strategy.


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