Your life is a reflection of who you are

There is a guy on Reddit, I am not going to link to him, who wrote a post saying that, “Finding out women are brain dead, making me depressed.” And he says, “To me it seems that 99.9% of women are like semi-blind goldfish. It’s like they have absolutely ZERO control or recognition of their emotions, they just react without thought.” The first reply says, “Dude you’re not wrong, but you’re not going to be fun and enjoy the moment with a cynical mindset. Most women do have the attention span and memory of a goldfish though.” Actually, that dude IS wrong. He’s probably low value, though. He’s also hanging out with the wrong women.

Women have a somewhat different value system, on average, than dudes, more based on emotion and feelings. This guy is as blind to that as most chicks are to the male value system of achievement. It’s likely that high-value, intelligent women do not like this guy, do not find him attractive, and outright avoid him. It’s also possible that he’s in a bad environment, like a rural area or a bad school, and he is surrounded by people who are not the intellectual cream.

If you think most women are brain dead there are two real possibilities (I’ll discount the environmental possibility for now, because most people get into the environment they earn/deserve): 1. You are someone like Stephen Wolfram and working on Mathematica and you are a genius, in which case most people seem kind of dim (I have met geniuses), or 2. You are stupid and blind yourself. The vast majority of people who think they are geniuses are wrong and fall into category 2. Even geniuses often lack sufficient theory of mind to understand what chicks want.

If you think chicks are dumb, the problem is probably you, because your value is low and you don’t even know it, or the chicks you hang out with. The same guy who wrote the thing I am referencing also uses a ton of run-on sentences and likely doesn’t even know it. It’s very rare that someone thinks everyone around them is dumb and is correct. And even if you are correct, that’s a sign you need to make serious life changes. It’s amazing how many guys, who aren’t getting laid much and don’t have high value, think women are dumb / mean / cruel / all whores / etc., vs. how many guys who are getting laid and have high value often don’t think that.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

4 thoughts on “Your life is a reflection of who you are”

  1. This is also related to how some guys think women’s taste in movies, music or books is dumb. Who told you that everyone has to have the exact same taste in culture in order to get along!?


    1. I mean… sometimes it is dumb… if a woman “doesn’t like to read” or only likes 50 Shades of Gray and reality TV… she is probably not that bright.

      The heuristic is not 100% accurate. There are bright women who use dumb books and The Bachelor to relax. But it’s definitely a sign. Most smarter women will be bored by relentless stupidity.

      If she likes fiction and you like nonfiction… if she likes certain movies and you like others, but they are generally thoughtful… then yeah, it’s just a taste difference.

      Guys also think the relentless female interest in fashion is “stupid.” On some level, it is. On another level, chicks seem to be programmed to compete with each other in specific ways, and one way that takes shape in our culture is fashion sense. Some women can wisely resist this desire. Many, for whatever reason, cannot.


  2. OK, so I’ll bite a little bit in defense of that guy, or at least try to flush out what he means because I recently wrote–in a sort of childish rant–that “women are fucking stupid.”
    I agree with you that women aren’t brain dead and guys who want to say women are all dumb and worthless and can’t do anything as well as a man are morons who probably haven’t known women who are very smart.
    However, when it comes to making choices about relationships and dating, they’re pretty dumb–which is what I meant. And the fact is the red pill would not exist if this weren’t the case: if women made rational choices about who to date and how to interact in relationships, we wouldn’t have to learn game, because they’d just date smart guys with good jobs and wouldn’t cheat on their husbands, right?
    When it comes to other stuff, women are perfectly capable of being reasonable and making smart/prudent choices, and I agree with you that anyone who can’t recognize that is probably just angry because he can’t get laid.
    For some reason this browser won’t let me hyperlink, but I have an anecdote at the end of my latest blog about the point of women making irrational choices based on emotion and not reason.


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