Funny, but evil

I was on Facebook (a mistake) and read one of those horrible rants by a “male feminist” saying that we should “believe all women,” and I got an idea: every male feminist who writes that all women should be believed, etc. should have an anonymous denunciation of him posted online. Then it should be circulated, particularly at his workplace.

If this is done routinely, we’ll quickly get rid of all the male feminists who say things like, “If you’re not guilty, you have nothing to hide.”

Players know about the concept of the misguided “white knight.” This could be a form of “black knighting.”

You cannot fight the current level of feminist irrationality regarding anonymous denunciation with rational argument (although maybe there are a few green shoots). When virtually every guy who is a male feminist b***h has an anonymous accusation out there, against him, we might see the value of those denunciations fall.

I have seriously thought about doing this with one guy in particular. The fact that it is evil stops me. The fact that he is a b***h tempts me. I am not advocating that this be done. But as a thought experiment it is interesting, right?

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

One thought on “Funny, but evil”

  1. A point I’ve tried to make to guys (so far unsuccessfully), is that this shit actually doesn’t matter that much. Yeah, it’s really fucking annoying–and I almost agree that we should do something like this to just fuck with people.
    On the other hand, Cain made a good point on TRP today in response, which is that you almost shouldn’t care. I share his belief that if you’re socially conscious and careful, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be harmed by this sort of bullshit, precisely because it’s rare.
    Let’s just be honest: women are NOT regularly raped and assaulted. That is just not a reality–if it was, and it was all that traumatic, we’d know way more about cases than we do. So the fact is that this is a super rare thing. The media zeitgeist may believe it’s common, but that’s only to fit in. I mean, basically a lot of this boils down to people pretending.
    And while it’s one thing to pretend on FB or Medium or whatever, pretending in real life is a lot more difficult.


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