Be extreme

I think every player has something “extreme” about him. Some examples being…

* Extremely good looking.

* Extremely charismatic.

* Extremely wealthy.

* Extremely obsessed with and good at cold approach (this is the Krauser and Tom Torero approach).

* Extreme artistic/creative skill.

In my case, I’m pretty extreme about diet and gym. I’m not very extreme about cold-approach pickup. I’m also pretty extreme about not wasting time on social media, TV, etc. It means I miss out on the sports/TV chat. It means people don’t get why I’m reading all the time. But my extreme habits are why I lead a very different life than most of my colleagues and peers.

Rolando points me to another example of this basic idea.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Be extreme”

    1. Somewhat similar but not entirely; being polarizing is more a personality thing. Very few people will find “extreme gym” or “extreme good looks” to be negative, at least over the short term.

      Being extremely cocky is very polarizing: some chicks will hate it, while others will be attracted to it. Kino can also polarize.


  1. My Red Pill neighbour is charismatic.

    My colleague Kondo is good looking.

    My Daygame coach puts in thousands of approaches.

    All are players.

    I don’t qualify as a player yet and don’t excel in any of these things … but my current focus is on diet/exercise and cold/warm approach. My artistic levels are not high enough to convert leads.


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