The algorithm for girls who you’re not sure about

Online, I see a lot of young guys asking about chicks who seem uncertain, uncommitted, etc., and the guy asks what he should do. The particular guy who inspires me to record the algorithm said, “so if a girl who ignores you all of a sudden starts texting you, how would you handel it?” Evidently this guy is too stupid to have learned in school how to punctuate his sentences, capitalize the first word in his sentences, and not write like a moron, but we’ll ignore that and instead focus on what to do in the situation he posits.

Follow these simple steps, particularly if you’re young and uncertain:

  1. Invite her over for a movie and drinks. Substitute “smoke” for “drinks” if she’s that kind of girl. 
  2. When she comes over, hang out with her for about an hour. Start the movie.
  3. Try to put your penis in her. If you succeed, you succeed. If you don’t, you know she’s a waste of time, unless she’s moving in that direction and making forward progress.

If she doesn’t show up, her text out of the blue doesn’t matter. She’s fishing for attention and can be safely ignored. If you keep giving her digital attention, you are not using your attention effectively, and you are becoming her dancing monkey. Top guys aren’t dancing monkeys, because they are busy f**king. If she comes over to watch a movie, then she might be for real. A woman may reach out to you because she’s bored and wants attention, but she may also reach out cause she’s up for sex but needs you to make it happen (women rely on men to lead). If she needs to be led, you need to be a man and lead her. 

Follow the “moving to the stage where my penis is inside her” algorithm and you can’t go wrong. Anything that is not a “yes” is a “no.” Get a “no?” Find/approach more chicks. “Talk to more chicks” is the solution for most problems with flighty women. If you realize she is a “no” who is fishing for attention, you win because you can safely ignore her. If she comes over and you have sex with her… then you also win.

Older and more experienced guys may modify the algorithm… I usually invite the chick over for a drink, as I’m not in high school / college, so I don’t need the “watch a movie” thing as much. Does she not agree to get a drink at a specific time or place? Then I go hit on new chicks. Does she agree and not show up? Then I go hit on new chicks. Does she agree and show up, but she’s not interested in me sexually? Then I go hit on new chicks.

You get the idea… the answer to most forms of female bad behavior is, “Go hit on the next chick.” Fire and maneuver. Most girls who say “no,” (they rarely say it aloud, you have to infer it) can’t be recovered… if they can, they can be recovered when they realize another girl is about to approach you. Girls respect and desire abundance. Female mate-choice copying is also rampant, so girls who know other girls are into you are more likely to be into you. 

It is usually easier and better to meet new chicks than to give chase to uninterested chicks, who will become less and less interested as attention increases. If you like to gamble or have some of the troll in you, you can send something like this to chicks who don’t show up or are on the fence (though I have been thinking about other paths recently). That is a high-risk tactic, but it’s also a fun tactic, and girls just want to have fun. Most guys are boring.  

Does she come over, and then I put my penis inside her? Okay, we’ve gotten somewhere. If she’s making forward progress towards sex, that is also okay (the two of you make out, though she pulls back and says, “Not tonight”… you play it cool, and try for it the next time you see her). All relationships are progressing or regressing. 

Divide chicks into two categories, “chicks who I’m attracted to and want to f**k and have a shot at f**king, and all other chicks.” If she doesn’t show up, if she’s not sexually engaged with me, etc., then she is in category #2 and I can safely ignore her, because no matter how hot she is, no matter how into her I am, I’m not going to f**k her. If she is in category #1, then the algorithm applies. The algorithm is good at dividing chicks between those who I might actually f**k and those who are looking for ego boosts, attention, flattery, etc.

Guys are forever lying to ourselves about our prospects for f**king a particular girl. These delusions prevent us from developing new leads, which is a pernicious problem because new leads are often where the lays are.

Then I go hit on new chicks” is prominent advice, because a single guy is as good as the next chicks in his pipeline, so work that pipeline and know most chicks are likely to say no. That is the nature of chicks. Chicks select, men propose. Propose a lot to find the open and willing chicks. You are hunting for the yes.

Why does she text you out of the blue? Why is she suddenly chatty online? Who cares, if you’re not going to f**k her? The “why” is not very important, unless the reason is, “to let you have sex with her.” She may be testing guys, she may not be interested in you, she may be searching for attention… you may also find that, if you’re f**king another chick, she suddenly becomes a lot more interested: pre-selection and social proof, the player’s old friend. If you are waiting around and feeding her lots of unearned attention… she may become less interested. She doesn’t need sex to keep your interest. Why offer it? Attention is crack to many chicks. 

Are you sure about this girl? If not, use the algorithm to find out where she is.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

7 thoughts on “The algorithm for girls who you’re not sure about”

  1. Great post … and as simple as it gets.

    Feed the beast leads so-to-speak.

    The best relationship management tool is to be able to source and close new leads. You then choose what you want for your life rather than wasting time on weak leads.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Obviously there is more to game than this… I keep reading things from guys who don’t know what to do. Typically in college or high school, I suspect. At times the simple answer is the right one. I did a lot of this algorithm in college, without realizing what it is. And without texting, back then.


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