Your male competitors choose video games over sex

Your male competitors choose video games, fast food, and Internet porn over real-life sex. That’s my takeaway, and the media is too straight-laced to speak the truth. Most chicks are getting f**ked by a smaller number of dudes than they used to. Do you want to be one of those dudes, or do you want to play video games and jerk off?

Next time you want to play video games, hit the gym and track your progress on the bench press and dead lift. Watch those numbers go up and to the right.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

6 thoughts on “Your male competitors choose video games over sex”

  1. RQ: do you have any rough data as to what percentage of men services a percentage of women? I have heard the figure touted as 20% males servicing up to 50% females.


    1. I don’t have good data; if 28% of men have no sex and only 18% of women do, that’d imply that there are 10 more women having sex for every 100 men. There are 13% more women having sex than men, so there is at least one “extra” woman per ten men. But I don’t know the data within that distribution.

      I don’t understand why men prefer video games to f**king but I guess some do. Or they are too ineffective to understand and then implement behaviors needed to seduce women.

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      1. Without being a hardcore gamer, I do play videogames, and I think I can answer the question. Videogames, like books, are straightfoward, while women are anything but. Let me expand a bit.

        I never played videogames as a kid and still dislike small-screen consoles, but when I entered adolescence there was a big qualitative jump in terms of graphic quality, a period when sagas such as Battlefield, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor started off. I have very fond memories of the old Battlefield 1942, set in WW2, where for the first time you could drive, fly and navigate in huge maps. You see, I have never played videogames out of boredom or similar reasons, but because I like military history and weapons.

        Videogames are improving their graphic quality at a meteoric rate right now, so it is very exciting if you like to recreate forgotten worlds like I do (and used to do with toys as a kid). Even mainstream games and their laughable historical mistakes can be very enjoyable, like Battlefield 1 for instance, set in WW1. When I was 14-15 I was very interested in the Red Baron and the air combat of the era, so I can only imagine how excited I would have been about that game had it come out back then.

        Videogames can isolate you, but they also allow friend-making and networking via new apps like Discord. During some periods I was a regular at some servers and people would greet me upon entering them, and viceversa. Since I like foreign languages it is also an opportunity to practice. One of my highlights was playing as a German soldier in a WW2 game, while simultaneously speaking in German with other real-life German players. Very immersive. I wish I could speak Russian since there are loads of them online.

        So, now… women.

        I have become more interested in getting sexual experience in recent years now that I am approaching 30 and have also almost none aside from pros (paid sex can be good enough in my opinion but obviously is never going to be as authentic as the real thing, plus it is difficult to afford). Since age 27-28 I am regularly going out on Saturdays, have read a lot of manosphere materials (which I got to know from my political readings) and now lift weights with a pal who is knowledgeable on the subject (already seeing some improvements). I also try to dress in a more juvenile fashion, although I would prefer to wear more conservative clothing such as polo shirts and khaki pants.

        The results are very disappointing: I am going out nearly every Saturday, coming back home at 6 or 7 (long nights are the rule in Spain), and almost nothing to show for it. I don’t like going out, I don’t like the music they play, and I don’t really like to talk to girls and tell those ridiculous little jokes… I force myself to do it, but in all honesty going to the gym or your “no sugar” rule is way easier in comparison.

        I don’t know. I find sex very hard to get, very intensive in both time and money. The diet & exercise part is easier because in the end it is a healthy habit (even if I turned asexual I think I would keep lifting). So yeah, say I quit playing games altogether: I just don’t see where things would change. If I recall correctly, Krauser does play videogames. The problem with them is mainly to be found in multiplayer ones, in which you can easily play for hundreds of hours. But since now platforms show you your accumulated hours of playtime, you can regulate it.


  2. Your math is wrong because the data you’re citing is limited by age under 35. Many of those younger women are marrying and having sex with older men.

    Also it’s not that men prefer video games, it’s that women are in charge of whom they spend time with and they’re leaving a lot of young men out. Giving up video games and working out by itself doesn’t make you high value to women. I’ve done both for a long time so I can confirm it isn’t that simple. You have to have a few things going for you, it isn’t just one thing.

    Many guys have decided they aren’t willing to do the work to get the girls who are now in their league. The effort isn’t worth the reward and so video games are a good choice. If girls aren’t demanding longterm relationships that means high value men can sleep with as many high value and average women as they want.

    That leaves only the low value women for the average or low value men.

    Take myself for example, I’m fit, six-pack, biceps, smart, I have a nice face and great smile but I’m an autistic geek with a boring life/personality. I don’t make much money, I rely on parents for a lot of help and I waste a lot of time talking about stuff that interests/excites me but doesn’t improve my life status. I have mediocre social skills. With effort and improvement I’m not saying I can’t get sex, but with whom? Is it worth killing myself with work, embarrassing myself with social fails, boring myself with unintelligent banter when I can just relieve those same sexual urges in 15 minutes with porn then go back to Netflix and have a good time all night?

    No doubt sex with a wild or a hot girl would be a better life, even an average girl would be good. But if I had to crawl across broken glass naked every day to have that experience occasionally, would it really be worth it?

    I workout for my health. I earn money to buy stuff for myself and for my friends. If any nice girls want to join me and have fun with me they’re welcome. I’m just not chasing women because life is too short and sexual relief is too easy. If I was a high value guy I would have massive confidence and be taking girls home every night. That’s exactly why girls are also losing in this new economy, they will never lock these high value guys down and meanwhile resentment is building among the men who they have ignored. When they get older and used up by the high value men they couldn’t keep exclusive, they won’t find men who appreciate them anymore. Average men and women could have been together for life, satisfying each other sexually/mentally/emotionally from the time they were young. That’s how life used to be. Instead average girls chose to be used for throwaway sex and average guys had to accept video games and porn.

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    1. A bit darker than the way I put it, but this post makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing. I am not autistic and have always made friends easily, but I think my intellectual pursuits have made me get an idea of what autism might look like.

      I particularly agree with “Giving up video games and working out by itself doesn’t make you high value to women”. I also think The Red Quest is too naive with regards to that. In some cases of clear videogame addiction might be true, but not in most.

      May I ask you in what country you are currently living, Matthew?


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