Truths rarely admitted: “There’s nothing more powerful in our culture than a beautiful woman”

Truths rarely admitted: “There’s nothing more powerful in our culture than a beautiful woman.” But it’s coming from a gay guy, and gay guys, like comedians, can utter truths the rest of us will face a PC pillory for stating. Most gay guys aren’t PC; they know sexual market value (SMW) too well to be PC. Most PC people will admit dark truths if they’re stated correctly.

But there is more context

He said he feels enormous empathy for women who get frightened about their looks fading. “There’s nothing more powerful in our culture than a beautiful woman,” he said. But “it’s an unsustainable thing. One day it stops. And I have lived through it with so many female friends and part of my job is to imagine myself, the female version of myself, would I want to wear that? Where would I go in it? How would I feel in it? Would I feel vulnerable?”(Mr. Ford said if he were a woman, he would be Ali MacGraw.)

It is unsustainable. It fades fast. We name it “the wall” but you can name it whatever you want to name it. I feel bad for some of these women too… they might understand intellectually that it’s coming, but they don’t prepare for it and one day it BOOM hits them. A lot of guys online are pretty gleeful about that but I don’t share their glee, as beauty is only slightly less fleeting than life itself.

Annoyingly, we don’t get a link to the t-shirt mentioned

He used to tailor white T-shirts he bought at La Rinascente in Milan, but now he wears his own brand. “The cut of the sleeve has to be just right if you want your biceps to look right,” he said.

I did look around the Tom Ford website and clothes there are stupid expensive. Part of combining “Fashion and clothes for players” with Mr. Money Mustache is not spending stupid amounts of money on clothes. I still want to understand the cut of the sleeve thing.

Most fashion guys understand that the human social effect comes from successful attention to numerous details. Players who aren’t naturals eventually learn the same.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on “Truths rarely admitted: “There’s nothing more powerful in our culture than a beautiful woman””

  1. The reason I think guys seemingly take glee in the wall is that women are often so careless about it. I don’t revel in it, but I also don’t feel bad for women–especially beautiful ones. Their beauty is an unbelievable gift they got for absolutely nothing: if they don’t make the best of it, that’s their choice.

    When a girl flakes, doesn’t want to give her number, or is just plain rude, etc., there’s a natural sense of rejection and frustration, and guys experience this all the time–particularly guys in the game (anyone who doesn’t experience this is lying or MGTOW–as Tom Torero says, no matter how good you are there are more no’s than yes’s). Now, of course it’s her absolute right to do whatever the hell she wants, but what she should understand that many (if not most) women don’t is that there’s a limit to her ability to attract men. The girl who says no or doesn’t respond to a text or flakes on a date won’t get the same quantity or quality of male attention forever; indeed, for most women, every year after 23-24 represents a step down that path, and that path gets steeper and steeper to the point where it’s a bottomless pit.

    It’s strange to think about, and counter to what our society implicitly believes, but take a guy who’s 35 and a girl who’s 10 years younger: 25. Arguably, in 10 years, his SMV will be the same or higher than what it was at 35, whereas hers will be much lower–even though she’s still 10 years his junior.

    What’s been interesting for me is to see that day game/cold approach works even better for me on younger women than it does on older chicks, which I wrote about recently.

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