“I guess you didn’t like guys who were—Dependable.”

Anjelica Huston, like most chicks, doesn’t like boring guys

I guess you didn’t like guys who were—
Dependable. Secure. Yeah. No. I never found those ones to be sexy. I like the difficult ones.

If you are a boring dependable guy, top chicks are unlikely to be accessible to you. Being boring is just about the worst thing a guy can be today. So don’t be.

Keep this in mind if you read the rest of the Huston interview, where she goes on and on about how bad this guy and that guy was. Chicks aren’t dumb (a common refrain on this blog): they know who the exciting cheaters are and who the boring faithful guys are… and they often choose the exciting cheaters. Most of the time, when you hear a chick complaining about some demon of a man, she knew what he was like before she started f**king him, and she chose to do so anyway.

Huston likes “the difficult ones” like most chicks do. Game is the process of teaching guys to be one of them, and not one of the guys chicks like her ignore cause they’re too easy and too boring.

In her interview she could have said, “I deliberately chose exciting cheaters over reliable nice guys.” But that would be too honest, so we have to get some euphemisms instead.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

2 thoughts on ““I guess you didn’t like guys who were—Dependable.””

  1. Timely post – I’ve just finished reading Destination Poon by Regev Elya, a funny, red-pilled travelogue. He’s not exactly the stereotypical bad boy, but he’s certainly not in any way boring and he (allegedly) beds a lot of hot women on his jaunts around the globe. Even if some of it may be embellished, it’s a great guide to owning your masculinity and not backing down in the face of onslaughts of feminist bullshit. Reggie is evidently an extreme extrovert, but he writes with subtle insight on what it means to be a real man, how to game women and, above all, how to enjoy every second of life. Highly recommended.


    1. Seems like hostels, hotels, travel destinations, etc. are also places that either attract sexually free, open, and adventurous chicks, OR chicks go to those destinations for casual sex. Maybe some of both.


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